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William Hallmark
Artist William Hallmark came to know Jesus as his personal Savior at a young age, and at the age of sixteen, realized that the Lord had given him special gifts that should be used to glorify Jesus Christ. Those gifts were a natural ability to draw and paint and a wonderful Christ-centered imagination.

William Hallmark is letting his light shine before men by creating works of art on his canvas that remind the viewer of God's redeeming love. He is happiest when his work has a Biblical message and the message is conveyed many times with the use of powerful scriptural symbols.

Fine art should enrich our lives and enhance our surroundings. William Hallmark has published several Christian pieces of art which will do exactly that, and more!

William Hallmark's God-given talent and technique has names him among today's top three Christian artists. Barely in his thirties, this gifted painter captures the unique symbolism of Bible versus with amazing understanding and insight. Each of William's pieces is truly an inspired work of art. The gentle imagery of Christian themes is carried throughout his paintings as they capture the heritage of the Christian faith and the life and legacy of Jesus Christ. William is a Birmingham, Alabama native whose work is studied and appreciated throughout the United States. His art has been seen on the covers and pages of several Christian publications, and William has appeared on a number of radio and television programs, including the Christian Broadcasting Network's, The 700 Club.

The original works of this fine art collection have touched and inspired audiences across the country. Now fans can share these cherished Bible stories through an exciting new line of products featuring some of William Hallmark's most beautiful and beloved paintings.

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