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Thomas Kinkade Spotlight

 Renaissance Edition

 The Renaissance Edition
 (R/E) is a special reserve
 edition created with a
 textured brushstroke
 process that recreates
 Thomas Kinkade's actual
 brushwork in order to
 match his original. It is
 then finished in oil by a
 master highlighter who
 applies a very special
 Watermark Remarque
 to the reverse side of
 the canvas.

 Each unique canvas is
 created under Thom's
 close supervision. Upon
 satisfactory completion,
 Thomas Kincaid hand
 signs the front of the
 canvas and then a
 foil-stamped gold
 Renaissance Edition seal
 is applied to the back.

 Each Renaissance Edition
 is designated by the
 letters R/E after the
 print number. Due to the
 exclusivity of these rare
 pieces, all Renaissance
 Editions are limited to
 distribution through
 select Thomas Kinkade
 Galleries and Signature
 Dealers. Renaissance
 Editions are limited to
 no more than 8% of the
 Standard Numbered
 edition and are 3 times
 the Standard Numbered

 Studio Proof

 The Studio Proof (S/P) is
 a special reserve edition
 created with a textured
 brushstroke process that
 recreates Thom Kinkaid's
 actual brushwork in order
 to match his original. It
 is then finished in oil by
 a master highlighter, who
 also draws an original
 remarque on the back of
 of the canvas.

 Each unique canvas is
 created under Tom's
 close supervision. Upon
 satisfactory completion,
 Thomas Kincade applies
 final highlights himself,
 and hand signs the front
 of the canvas in gold
 metallic ink. Finally, a
 foil-stamped gold Studio
 Proof seal is applied to
 the back.

 Each Studio Proof is
 designated by the
 letters S/P after the
 print number. Due to the
 exclusivity of these
 semi-originals, all Studio
 Proofs are limited to
 distribution through
 select Thomas Kinkade
 Galleries and Signature
 Dealers. Studio Proofs
 are not to exceed 4% of
 the Standard Numbered
 edition usually the first
 95 to 200 pieces out of
 Thom's studio and are 5
 times the Standard
 Numbered price.

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade renaissance editions and studio proofs on canvas at closeout prices. Thomas Kinkade is also spelled Thomas Kincade, Thom Kincaid, and Tom Kinkaid.

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade

Affordable Art We will beat competitor's prices! Discount Prices
Introduction to Thomas Kinkade

 For a limited time, we are selling certified
 authentic Thomas Kinkade Studio Proofs
 (S/P) and Renaissance Editions (R/E) at
 30% off signature gallery retail prices!

 Each brand new canvas comes with your
 choice of authentic Thomas Kinkade frame,
 a certificate of authenticity, a brass
 nameplate, plus free shipping and insurance.

 Our R/E and S/P art pieces must go. Call us
 toll-free at 1-877-843-9278 or place an
 order securely online before March 9th to
 take advantage of this special opportunity.
 Please note: Not all image sizes qualify for
 this special sale.

 Click on a Thomas Kinkade title below to
 view our special closeout sale pricing on
 these high-quality textured editions.

Thomas Kinkade Art Print Titles

 A Christmas Welcome Price
 A Holiday Gathering Price
 A Peaceful Time Price
 A Perfect Summer Day Price
 Abundant Harvest Price
 Almost Heaven Price
 America's Pride Price
 The Aspen Chapel Price
 Beyond Summer Gate Price
 Boulevard Lights, Paris Price
 Bridge of Hope Price
 Cape Hatteras Light Price
 Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue Price
 City by the Bay Price
 Clocktower Cottage Price
 Cobblestone Mill Price
 Cobblestone Village Price
 Conquering the Storms Price
 Courage Price
 Evening Glow Price
 Evening Majesty Price
 Everett's Cottage Price
 Foxglove Cottage Price
 Garden of Grace Price
 Gardens Beyond Spring Gate Price
 The Good Shepherd's Cottage Price
 Heading Home Price
 Heather's Hutch Price
 Hollyhock House Price
 Hometown Bridge Price
 Hometown Christmas Price
 Hometown Morning Price
 The Hour of Prayer Price
 It Doesn't Get Much Better Price
 Lakeside Hideaway Price
 The Light of Freedom Price
 The Lights of Liberty Price
 Lilac Bouquet Price
 Lilac Cottage Price
 Lilac Gazebo Price
 Memories of Christmas Price
 Moonlight Cottage Price
 The Mountain Chapel Price
 New York, Fifth Avenue Price
 Mountain Majesty Price
 The Mountains Declare His Glory Price
 The Old Fishin' Hole Price
 The Open Gate Price
 Pathway to Paradise Price
 Perseverance Price
 Pine Cove Cottage Price
 Pools of Serenity Price
 Rock of Salvation Price
 The Rose Garden Price
 The Rose Arbor Cottage Price
 Sea of Tranquility Price
 Seaside Hideaway Price
 Split Rock Light Price
 Stairway to Paradise Price
 Stillwater Bridge Price
 Summer Gate Price
 Sunrise Price
 Sweetheart Gazebo Price
 Venice Price
 Victorian Light Price
 The Village Inn Price
 The Village Lighthouse Price
 The Wind of the Spirit Price
 Winsor Manor Price
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 Remember, if you find a lower price than
 what is listed on our website, you can fill
 out our free price quote form or call us
 toll-free at 1-877-843-9278 to receive the
 lowest prices on sold-out prints as well
 new releases!
  For purchasing information, please visit
  our How to Order page.
  Go to the top of this page. 

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Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Renaissance Editions and Studio Proofs on canvas by artist Thomas Kinkade can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.