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Storefront Website Package


Christian web design

Storefront Package
Total # of Pages 9
Home Page 1 of 9
Product Information Page 2 of 9
Standard Order Form Page 3 of 9
Survey Form Page 4 of 9
Miscellaneous Pages 5 - 9
Custom Logo or Graphic 1
Midi Background Music Clip 1
Real Audio Sound Clip 1
Photograph or Picture Scans 9
Online Catalog with 10 pictures 10
Custom Design Background & Buttons Yes
Unlimited Links Yes
Submission to 8 major search engines 8
Regular Price $995
Christ-Centered Mall Discount Price $895

Christian websites

Additional Options
OC-12 Server Hosting
(600 mbs/sec faster than a T-3)
$40.00 per month
2 Year Domain Registration Fee $45.00
Secure Online Ordering $45.00 per month
Shopping Cart $145.00
Special Projects/Consulting $30.00 per hour
Extra Pages Quote based on requirements
Additional photographs (including scan, crop, size adjustment, etc.) $5.00 per photograph
Submission to 300 Minor Engines $70.00

Christian websites

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web page programming, design, and hosting

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web page programming, design, and hosting

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