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Early registration fees by February 15, 1999

$55 per couple $30 per individual

Registration fees after February 15, 1999

$75 per couple $40 per individual

Amount Enclosed $

If in church leadership, do you desire prophetic ministry Saturday afternoon?Yes    No

If yes, position in church:

Name of Senior Pastor:

Note:  The list of candidates for prophetic ministry will be primarily comprised according to the date the registration is received, that being earliest to latest.   Senior pastors and their wives will recieve first priority.


Please mail this completed form to:

Clem Ferris

Airfare and Lodging

For discounted airfare and lodging rates, please contact Karen Murray and mention "River Power."

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Please note: You can email this registration form by clicking submit but the registration will not be confirmed until the funds are recieved. Thank you!

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