Ted Ellis Biography

Ted T. Ellis Biography

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Ted Ellis
Artist Ted Ellis is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up in a city known for its style and artistic exuberance has inspired him to capture the essence of his subjects in all the glory of its rich cultural heritage. With an extreme dedication to his craft, his style stems in part from a childhood that exerted an enormous influence on all his paintings.

Ted says, "I prefer to paint subjects that are representative of many facets of American life. Among my many favorites to paint are portraits, landscapes, and seascapes. To be excellent, to dare to be great at what I love to do, and to make a substantial contribution to the lives of people who are touched by my art is my dream. I take pride and pleasure in capturing the essence of a particular subject and manifesting it on canvas, knowing that it will last as an eternal memory."

--- Ted T. Ellis

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