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Artist Joann Reed, who was born and raised in Pennsylvania, had always wanted to be an artist. Early studies were with the Famous Artist Course of Westport, Connecticut, under a number of the nation's top artists. Most of her paintings are landscapes, trees, and horses, reflecting her love for nature and the San Francisco Valley where she now lives. Her most famous painting, however, remains Come Unto Me. In this painting, the words of the living Christ are expressed. The original painting hangs in Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Fremont, California.

Joann Reed was asked by her pastor to paint a picture suitable for the narthex of the church that her husband, along with all the other laymen, were finishing with their own labors. The new church would be ready for dedication in less than two years.

After about a month of struggling to produce an idea for a meaningful picture from within her own human resources, she conceded that any idea capable of expressing Christ's love would have to come only from Him. After yielding to the Lord's will, the idea seemingly came to her in an instant. The model was to be her own husband who seemed to be just the right age and build, also having plenty of carpenter experience. The work progressed smoothly and was completed just in time for the dedication.

This painting is an example of how abundantly the Lord supplies us when we trust Him and stop trying to tell Him how it should be done. It is a beautiful expression of the verse: "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

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