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Sueellen Ross
Sueellen Ross has been called "America's Definitive Cat Artist," and her images beautifully support that high praise. However, Ross' complete body of work ranges far beyond the mysterious feline universe. She is a highly versatile artist both in her mixed media technique and hand-colored etchings. Her distinctive paintings of wild birds and domestic pets, which are rendered with exquisite richness and detail, grace the homes of collectors across the country.

Acclaimed for the strong emotion and personality in her paintings, Sueellen Ross never quits thinking about art. She combines her passion for producing art with her love of animals to create works of exceptional design and subtle wit. "My strength as an artist," she says, "comes from my deep love of my subjects."

For many years Ross focused her energies on perfecting the etching process, and it was those experiences that helped hone her abilities to use texture, line, and color to achieve the nuances and details in her work. She later continued to push her skills even further by developing her own unique combination of mixed media using India ink, watercolor, and pencil. Today, her paintings are brilliant in color, meticulous in detail and texture, and are highly coveted by collectors.

Sueellen Ross has authored books and appeared in countless publications both as a featured artist and as an author. Ross' paintings, etchings, and other prints have been exhibited worldwide and have won her Featured Artist positions at art exhibitions across the nation. She has frequently been juried into the prestigious "Birds in Art" show at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin, and "Arts for the Parks" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sueellen and her husband currently live in Seattle, Washington.

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