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Stephen S. Sawyer
Artist Stephen S. Sawyer is nationally known for his portraits and internationally known for his "Art for God" series. The reproductions can be found in over 100 countries and in every state of the union. Stephen’s need to visually express the profound nature of faith is the driving momentum and influence behind his work.

Stephen Sawyer has been a portrait artist for over 25 years, and he has studied with many great masters in America and abroad over the course of 40 years. Stephen considers research and study a necessary part of continued growth as a portrait artist, which is why he reserves a month out of each year to do so.

Stephen values live sittings, but rarely is a portrait client able to do so. He takes great pains in achieving the best lighting possible when shooting photos of a client. Stephen seeks to take photos that best resemble a live sitting. After the photo session, Stephen takes specific notes on color of eyes, hair and skin tones, in the event tones change a bit through the film developing process.

Stephen takes a month out of each year to study master techniques. He has studied in Europe, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In the last three years Stephen has been in over 20 shows in America, two in Germany, one in England and an on going show at his Gallery in Versailles, Kentucky. In addition to his shows, Stephen speaks often to youth groups, churches, conventions and schools.

Several years ago Stephen purchased a historic building in downtown Versailles, Kentucky. The second floor is Stephens art studio, the first floor is his Art Gallery and Museum. The second floor interior is being remodeled at this time to resemble a European town exterior. The door to enter his studio is a 400-pound castle door created by artisans. Individuals can view his original work or purchase from a large selection of lithographs and posters in the first floor gallery. Groups (churches, schools or tour groups) are encouraged to schedule an appointment. His litho series is in over 100 countries and every state of the union.

Here is what some people have said about Steve's anointed art:
"Sawyer is pioneering new artistic ground.I think he may well in a few years be recognized as one of THE religious artists of our day."

--- Jeff James, Art Dealer, Herald Leader News

"Our lives have been remarkably changed through his Spirit filled art."

--- Ira Slade, MD ‘In Christ’ Mission Clinic

"Truly he is a gifted man from God and his anointing is used exactly where God has desired it to be used."

---Linda Chartrand, Publisher of The Planting Seed

"Steve’s work has always been a blessing to me. He captures not only the detail, but also the very spirit of what God is saying. You have to go back several times to get the whole message. It’s prophecy with a paintbrush, preaching by canvas, divine inspiration through art. The eloquence of his work has always quickened my heart to know God more. I could and have easily preached off the canvas of his work."

--- Graham Cooke, United Christian Ministries, Southampton, England

"Seeing it for the first time, I was nearly overcome by emotion! Each time I look at it now, I am still moved. I can’t express how much this means to us."

--- Thomas Thornbury on commission portrait of daughter, Bennett

"Your portraits of my boys have ‘lived’ with us now for almost six months. They are just beautiful & we enjoy them even more each day. You have truly captured the essence of their spirits as well as reproducing their physical characteristics. I am so happy to have these lovely works of art that are also my children."

--- Grace Franks on commission portraits of sons

Stephen's list of awards include: Best of Show Portrait at HeArtvisions, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Honorable Mention at N.Y. Society of Illustrators; Honorable Mention (3 years) at Prints Regional Design; First Place Portrait at The Kentucky State Fair, Pegasus' Artist of the Week, The Fortress Silver Award, and the Pegasus Art Award for his portraits.

Currently, Stephen speaks to groups and travels extensively promoting his litho series. An itinerary is available upon request. Stephen is working on two more works to become lithos as well as an art book.

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