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Jay Bryant Ward was tremendously influenced by what painter?

Richard Schmid

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Jay Bryant Ward

Jay Bryant Ward
Jay Bryant Ward Biography

Artist Jay Bryant Ward grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, with a love for drawing and a very supportive family who encouraged his artistic pursuits. Ward earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in illustration.

At a young age, Jay's illustration work gained him an Honored Student Award for his entrepreneurial efforts and three national art awards for his paintings and illustrations all before leaving High School. Ward earned a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in illustration.

He has studied under painters Leon Parson, Robert Barrett, Richard Hull, and Don Seegmiller. Ward has also been fortunate to receive instruction from the world-renowned painter, Richard Schmid, at a workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. "This was a enlightening experience for me," Ward claims, "My many years of study converged, I developed a clearer understanding of the artistic principles and how to use them to better communicate through my art."

Now, with more than a decade of experience as a freelance artist, Ward shares his time and his expertise by teaching both digital and traditional art classes at a local college. He has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his painting career and hopes to share an artistic magic that will warm the hearts and uplift the souls of all who experience his work.

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 Jay Bryant Ward


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Jay Bryant Ward biography, artist bio, biography of Jay Bryant Ward

Jay Bryant Ward Biography

A Jay Bryant Ward biography or bio of inspirational artist Jay Bryant Ward can be viewed at Christ-Centered Art.