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Jesus My Best Friend

                  Whenever I'm in trouble
                  Or when I am afraid
                  He helps me work my problems out
                  And the hurt just seems to fade.

                  Whenever I am feeling low,
                  He helps me not to feel so bad,
                  He makes my life worth living,
                  Jesus really makes me glad!

                  He's always there when you need a friend,
                  On Jesus you can always depend;
                  When you take your problems to Him,
                  He gives you peace and joy within.

                  It's nice talking to Jesus,
                  Because he understands what you need,
                  If you have sadness in your heart,
                  He will help you out indeed!

                  I'm glad I know Jesus,
                  Because now I have eternal life,
                  I'll be up there in Heaven,
                  Where there will be love and no strife.

                  So if you are not saved
                  And you want to know this friend,
                  Ask Jesus to come into your life,
                  And your broken heart He will mend.

                  -- © David Holt Boshart, Jr.

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