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Robert Bateman Artist Trivia

 Christ-Centered Art
 would like to provide you
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 through art trivia.

 Currently we have the
 following trivia available
 for Robert Bateman.

 What is Robert's favorite

 Cider with Rosie by
 Laurie Lee

 What is Robert's favorite
 music or song?

 Bach Cello Suites and
 Outward Bound by Tom

 What is Robert's favorite

 Lawrence of Arabia

 What is Robert's favorite


 What is Robert's favorite

 Turkey dinner and apple

 What is Robert's

 "One-Beer Bob"

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman
Robert Bateman Biography

 Robert Bateman was born in Toronto,
 Canada. By combining his vocations as an
 accomplished artist and well-trained
 naturalist, Bateman has become one of the
 world's greatest artists depicting the natural

 A vivid imagination, combined with world
 travel and exposure, plus intensive study in
 the two fields, culminates in paintings that
 satisfy Bateman's inner quest for truth in
 the worlds of art and nature. Robert's work
 is refreshing and his concepts unpredictable.
 With an imagination influenced by a
 multitude of art periods and styles and a
 deep understanding of the natural world,
 Bateman's artistic statements are strong
 and stunning.

 Robert Bateman has his own unique style.
 It cannot be imitated. His compositions are
 unique, and his concepts are always fresh
 and never repeated. There are many who
 imitate the natural world, but if Bateman
 had a passion to paint portraits or the
 ballet, his work would still have the
 breathtaking beauty of the Bateman style.

 There was no soul searching required for
 Robert Bateman; he always knew he was
 an artist. The natural world piqued his
 curiosity and formal training simply followed
 as a matter of course. By adopting realism,
 Bateman was able to express his deep
 knowledge and concern for the intricacies
 found in nature.

 Robert Bateman has had many one-man
 museum shows throughout North America,
 including an exhibition at the Smithsonian
 Institute in Washington, D.C. His honors,
 awards, and honorary doctorates are
 numerous. He was made Officer of the Order
 of Canada, that country's highest civilian
 award. He has also been the subject of
 three books and six films. Bateman also
 serves as honorary chairman of the
 Harmony Foundation. His artwork is included
 in the collections of HRH The Prince Charles,
 HRH The Prince Philip, the late Princess
 Grace of Monaco, and Prince Bernhard of
 the Netherlands.

 Today, Robert lives on Salt Spring Island in
 British Columbia. His paintings of nature
 have been published by Mill Pond Press since
 1978, and his artwork is the subject of the
 following books: The Art of Robert
 Bateman (Viking Press/Madison, 1981, out
 of print). The World of Robert Bateman
 (Random House/Madison Press, 1985), An
 Artist in Nature (Random House/Madison
 Press, 1990), Robert Bateman - Natural
 Worlds (Simon and Schuster/Madison Press,
 1996) and a 3 volume Retrospective (Mill
 Pond Press, 1978-1991. His work is also
 featured in Wildlife Painting - Techniques
 of Modern Masters, Volumes I and II.
 A book of his African art entitled Safari is
 available for young readers from Little Brown
 in the U.S. and Penguin in Canada. He can
 be seen in the video Robert Bateman: The
 Man Behind the Image.

 Robert Bateman has dedicated his life to
 preserving the diversity of the natural world
 and says, "Variety is not just the spice of
 life, it is the essence of life."
His essays can
 be found at

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