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Robert Bateman Spotlight

 Robert Bateman is a
 keen artist and naturalist
 who is best known for
 his wildlife artwork.

   Snowy Nap

 This particular image,
 Snowy Nap, depicts
 a Siberian tiger who has
 dropped onto the soft,
 powdery snow to grab
 a quick nap.

 You can gaze upon a
 pictorial collection
 of all of Mr. Bateman's
 best-loved artwork by
 viewing a slideshow.

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman Art Prints and Canvases

Robert Bateman wildlife art prints and canvases for sale.

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman Caricature by David H. Boshart, Jr.
Irish CrossClick portrait for an artist biographyIrish Cross

Introduction to Robert Bateman

 Robert Bateman is a wildlife artist whose
 artwork has received critical international
 acclaim and has attracted an enormous
 following. His art reflects his commitments
 to ecology and preservation. He has become
 a spokesman for several environmental and
 preservation issues and has used his artwork
 and limited edition art prints in many fund-
 raising efforts.

Newspaper  You can view a detailed biography
 of Robert Bateman on our website.

 Currently, Robert's best-selling art print is
 Winter Cardinal. View this image and more
 in our slideshow.

Robert Bateman Art Print Titles

 A Resting Place - Cape Buffalo Price
 Above the River - Trumpeter Swans Price
 Across the Sky - Snow Geese Price
 African Amber - Lioness Pair Price
 African Buffalo Price
 African Fish Eagle Price
 Afternoon Glow - Snowy Owl Price
 The Air, the Forest, and the Watch Price
 Alaskan Autumn Price
 Along the Ridge - Grizzly Bears Price
 American Goldfinch - Winter Dress Price
 Among the Leaves - Cottontail Rabbit Price
 Antarctic Elements Price
 Antarctic Evening - Humpback Whales Price
 Approach - Bald Eagle Price
 Arctic Cliff - White Wolves Price
 Arctic Evening - White Wolf Price
 Arctic Family Price
 Arctic Ice - Polar Bear Price
 Arctic Landscape - Polar Bear Price
 Arctic Loon and Cotton Grass Price
 Arctic Portrait - White Gyrfalcon Price
 Arctic Tern Pair Price
 The Artist and His Dog Price
 Asleep in the Hemlock - Screech Owl Price
 At Mahale - Chimpanzees Price
 At the Bridge - Cliff Swallows Price
 At the Cliff - Bobcat Price
 At the Feeder - Cardinal Price
 At the Nest - Secretary Birds Price
 At the Roadside - Red-Tailed Hawk Price
 Autumn Overture - Moose Price
 The Awesome Land - American Elk Price
 Backlight - Mute Swan Price
 Bald Eagle Price
 Bald Eagle Flying Price
 Bald Eagle Portrait Price
 Bald Eagle Series I Price
 Baltimore Oriole and Weeping Willow Price
 Bank of Swans Price
 Banyan Walk - Peacock Price
 Baobab Tree and Impala Price
 Barn Owl in the Churchyard Price
 Barn Swallow and Horse Collar Price
 Barn Swallows in August Price
 Beach Grass and Tree Frog Price
 Big Black Price
 Big Country - Pronghorn Antelope Price
 The Big Pines of Temagami Price
 Black Eagle Price
 Black Jaguar Price
 Black-Crowned Night Heron Pair Price
 Black-Tailed Deer in the Olympics Price
 Blacksmith Plover Price
 Blue Cranes Price
 Bluebird and Blossoms Price
 Bluffing Bull - African Elephant Price
 Bounty of the Wetlands Price
 Bright Day - Atlantic Puffins Price
 Broad-Tailed Hummingbird Pair Price
 Brown Pelican and Pilings Price
 Bull Moose Price
 Bull Moose - Original Lithograph Price
 Burrowing Owl Price
 By the River Price
 By the Tracks - Killdeer Price
 Call of the Wild - Bald Eagle Price
 Canada Geese Family Price
 Canada Geese Nesting Price
 Canada Geese Over the Escarpment Price
 Canada Geese with Young Price
 Canada Goose Price
 Canada Warbler and Pear Blossoms Price
 Cape May Warbler and Balsam Price
 Cardinal and Snowberries Price
 Cardinal and Sumac Price
 Cardinal and Wild Apples Price
 Catching the Light - Barn Owl Price
 Catching the Scent - Wolf Price
 Cattails, Fireweed and Yellowthroat Price
 Centennial Farm Price
 Ceremonial Pose - Red-Crowned Crane Price
 Challenge, The - Bull Moose Price
 Chapel Doors Price
 Chaps - Western Bluebird Price
 Charging Rhino Price
 Cheetah Profile Price
 Cheetah with Cubs Price
 Cherrywood with Juncos Price
 Chickadee and Rose Hips Price
 Chief - American Bison Price
 Chimney Swift on Nest Price
 Chinstrap Penguin Price
 Clan of the Raven Price
 Clear Night - Wolves  Best Seller Price
 Colonial Garden Price
 Continuing Generations - Spotted Owls Price
 Cook Forest - Black Bear Price
 Cottage Lane - Red Fox Price
 Cougar and Kit Price
 Cougar in the Snow Price
 Cougar Portrait Price
 Country Lane - Pheasant Price
 Courting Pair - Whistling Swans Price
 Courtship Display - Wild Turkey Price
 Coyote Head Study Price
 Coyote in Winter Sage Price
 Cries of Courtship Red-Crowned Cranes Price
 Curious Glance - Red Fox Price
 Curled Up - Swift Fox Price
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  Robert Bateman

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Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman art prints and canvases by wildlife artist Robert Bateman can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.