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Carl Brenders Artist Trivia

 Christ-Centered Art
 would like to provide you
 the opportunity for to
 get to know our artists
 through art trivia.

 Currently we have the
 following trivia available
 for Carl Brenders.

 What is Carl's favorite

 The Name of the Rose
 by Umberto Eco

 What is Carl's favorite
 music or song?

 Suzanne and Closing
 Time by Leonard
 Cohen; plus many
 European songs

 What is Carl's favorite

 Romeo and Juliet

 What is Carl's favorite


 What is Carl's favorite

 Mexian, French, or the
 cuisine of whatever
 country he's in, and
 Mud Pie!

Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders
Carl Brenders Biography

 Carl Brenders was born near Antwerp,
 Belgium, and has drawn since childhood.
 Brenders' paintings encompass every
 intricacy of nature, for he devotes equal
 attention to the detail of each wildlife
 subject, its habitat, and the mood created
 by light.

 Brenders first creates his art images from
 pencil sketches. Then, using a mixed-media
 combination of watercolor and gouache
 painting (a technique he developed during
 the last 25 years), Carl finishes up his
 images. His paintings are never complete
 however, until the feathers, hair, leaves, or
 pine thorns "get into his skin."

 Carl Brenders has studied at the Fine Art
 Academy in Antwerp and later at Berchem.
 His artwork is regularly exhibited in the
 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's
 prestigious "Birds in Art" and "Wildlife in Art"
 shows. Brenders is widely collected in North
 America, France, Germany, Japan, Spain,
 Holland, Argentina, and in his native Belgium.
 Brenders combines his dreams, his senses,
 his imagination, and his strict attention to
 anatomical perfection to create his wildlife
 art paintings.

 Today, Carl divides his time between his
 homes in Belgium and France. He has
 produced wildlife illustrations for more than
 20 books in a series entitled The Secret
 Life of Animals. Carl's art is the subject of
 the book, Wildlife: The Nature Painting of
 Carl Brenders (Abrams/Mill Pond, 1994),
 and it has been featured in More Wildlife
 Painting: Techniques of Modern Masters
 (Watson-Guptill Publications, 1996) and
 The Best of Wildlife Art (North Light Books,
 1997). Brenders can be seen in the Mill Pond
 Press video: Windows into Wilderness: A
 Portrait of Carl Brenders. In 1998, Carl
 Brenders was inducted into the U.S. Art
 Hall of Fame.

 Carl Brenders says, "In my scenes of
 nature, I like to share the experience of
 being within the intimate world of the
 animals — a little moment in paradise
 together with them. Nature is already
 beautiful, already perfect. That is why I
 paint the way I do with so much detail and
 so much realism — I want to capture that

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