"I began this last painting with the intention of creating a visual version of a Christmas hymn. All the glory, exaltation and orchestration of an Angels, We Have Heard on High or Joy to the World. To do this, I envisioned an assembly of characters including a choir of children, wispy angels, trumpeting angels, flower bearers, and soaring doves. Individually, those images provided pleasing scenarios, but collectively, there was too much chaos for one painting. Upon completing the design, I realized that it overshadowed the central image in the series, No Room for Them in the Inn, and most importantly, the image provided no depth or symbolic elements, which I enjoy including in my work whenever I can.

"I simplified my composition to three characters. The woman in the center represents the human race. Her right hand symbolizes the Heavenly Kingdom of God, her left the earthly kingdom of man. As Christian people we reside in these two realms. The sacred and the spiritual in one, the earthly and secular in the other. One creates the Gospel, the other creates the Law. With one bearing grace, the other sin. The Gospel shows us how to live in our faith, not by doing good to earn points so to speak, but by good flowing out of us because of our love for God. The Law shows us our sins, and it is for these earthly misdeeds that Jesus comes to save us and offers the gift of eternal life to all who believe in Him.

"To create this message visually, I have lit this painting with the impression of the Cross radiating behind the woman's raised left hand. This symbolizes not only the Resurrection, but also the resurrection of hope that shines through the dark clouds of man's sins in the secular, and lights the way to our salvation in the sacred. Her right hand pressed firmly against her heart holds two lilies. The lily represents life, one flower being woman and the other, man. The right hand holds what symbolizes an eternal life in Heaven with God.

"I have placed ten doves in the painting because the number ten is known to be a reference to Godliness. And finally, the two trumpet blowers, one on each side of the woman, announce this triumphant arrival of Grace, the Word becoming flesh and making His dwelling among us: Our Holy Redeemer, King of Kings and Living God, Jesus the Christ."

...............................................-- Tom duBois

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

...................................................-- Luke 2:14