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Chris Hopkins has produced theme art for how many Super Bowls?


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Chris Hopkins Artist Bio or Biography

A detailed Chris Hopkins artist bio can be found on Chris Hopkins' biography page at Christ-Centered Art.

Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins Caricature by David H. Boshart, Jr.

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Chris Hopkins Biography

In a complex modern society like America, the paintings of artist Chris Hopkins are known for their ability to reflect, as well as influence, the world around him. With the rampant advance of computer-generated art and mass-produced prints, Chris' images consistently stand out for their originality and integrity.

Whether from government or sports, the entertainment industry or private collectors, Chris' talents have been eagerly sought to commemorate, portray, advertise, or immortalize the people and events of our age. His work is in collections at the Library of Congress, the White House, and NFL Properties; from the Super Bowl to the Persian Gulf War, his paintings have been commissioned to depict the heroic ideals that define American culture.

Chris Hopkins was the official theme artist for the Operation Desert Storm National Homecoming Celebration in 1992, followed in 1993 by a special edition painting to honor those who served in Vietnam. His ongoing contributions to the world of sports art date back to 1978 and he has produced theme art for three Super Bowls, paintings for the NFL's Silver and 75th Anniversary exhibitions, and numerous team and celebrity portraits. He currently works with Steve Young as Exclusive Artist for the Forever Young Foundation, benefiting children since 1993. Commemorative art commissions include the America's Cup and the Seattle Goodwill Games, and his work has appeared in many periodicals, including Sports Illustrated's Special Edition of the Olympics.

Chris graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1979. By the time he established the Chris Hopkins Illustration Studio in 1984, he had already distinguished himself with numerous awards and honors from the art and entertainment communities. The acknowledgements have come from the AIGA, the Society of Illustrators (Gold and Silver Medals) and many others, including nominations for a Grammy Award for Album Package Design, and finalist for the Prestigious Cleo Award. His clients have included Nike, Boeing, the Coca Cola Company, A&M Records, the Forever Young Foundation, and Schering Laboratory.

Much of Chris' early recognition was in response to his dramatic atmospheric paintings which were created using acrylic airbrush techniques. Since transitioning his focus to more traditional oil paintings in 1988, Chris has often chosen projects that explore human potential in its diverse forms.

Chris works from his private studio in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, where he resides with his wife Jan, who is a natural materials artist. He is the proud father of Melanie, Jill, Justin, and Mariko, and the grandfather of Niaylah.

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Chris Hopkins Biography

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