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David's Web Creations: Christian Web Page Design, Web Site Programming, Website Hosting, & Webpage Marketing

Christian web page design and web site programming
Christian web page design, web site programming, website hosting"

web page programming, design, and hosting

Company Overview

Welcome to David's Web Creations - a Christ-Centered internet company having the experience and skills necessary to help Christians start and promote their businesses.

We offer affordable, high-quality web page design and web site programming, webpage hosting, as well as marketing and promotion of your website via excellent search engine placement and links.

garden A website is like a garden. You don't just plant it and leave. You tend to it. It grows. You add, you prune, you rearrange. And it gets better over time. We at David's Web Creations will not only help plant your online garden, but we will also make sure it gets the necessary attention so it will continue to grow.

So, if you happen to be looking for a "true internet presence"
that will bring results, we can help!

Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at David's Web Creations, and we will stand by our motto:

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Christian web site design

Web Page Design

We at David's Web Creations love to create and design web sites. Just as an artist painstakingly examines every detail before his or her masterpiece is completed, we do the same.

HTML Writers Guild We are members of the HTML Writers Guild which simply means that we keep up on the "latest" design and programming trends for our clients. We will design your web site according to your specifications by using your specialized logo, text, and graphics to create the site you want; or perhaps you might want us to create an "original." It's up to you.

We also offer many additional features such as an e-commerce package for your online storefront which includes secure online ordering as well as shopping cart technology. We can even add some fancy scrolling javascript and animated graphics to jazz up your site. The sky is the limit!

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Christian web site design

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e-commerce package with shopping carts and secure online ordering

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