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Ron DiCianni Artist Bio or Biography

A detailed Ron DiCianni artist bio can be found on Ron DiCianni's biography page at Christ-Centered Art.

Ron DiCianni

Ron DiCianni Caricature by David H. Boshart, Jr.

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Ron DiCianni Biography

Ron DiCianni (pronounced dee-CEE-ah-NEE) is an artist whose heart is evident through the work of his hands. Whether depicting a prophet's tears, a father's prayers, or angels keeping watch, Ron's paintings have been enormously successful in reaching and awakening the spirituality of thousands of art collectors worldwide.

Ron DiCianni has been an illustrator for twenty-five years. His artwork has won him national recognition with many national corporations including ABC, NBC, the Smithsonian, and McDonalds. Ron was also commissioned as official artist of the United States Olympic Committee for the Moscow Olympic Games.

Ron DiCianni has since dedicated his talents solely to the task of proclaiming the "Good News" of the Gospel. His passion is to renew visual arts in the church. He founded MasterPeace Collection with DaySpring and has expanded that mission with his company, Art2See.

Ron's credits include cover illustrations for such well-known books as This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness, and Angelwalk and is the creator and illustrator of the award-winning Tell Me series, featuring partnerships with Max Lucado and Joni Eareckson-Tada.

Ron has recently authored Beyond Words, a collection of his favorite paintings with personal devotions. Beyond Words is Ron's first solo effort as both artist and author. Ron is a native Chicagoan and lives in Illinois with his wife, Pat, and his two best works of art, Grant and Warren.

Dear Friend,

"It is my sincere hope that my paintings will result in your encouragement and knowledge of God.

"What you will be seeing is the fruit of decades of effort in honing my craft. I am honored and continually amazed that God uses these efforts in the body of Christ. I feel it's what I was born to do.

"I realize that any painting can make you look. I'm hoping that mine will help you see."

-- Ron DiCianni

For more biographical information, please read A Painter's Story.

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Ron DiCianni Biography

A Ron DiCianni biography or bio of Somerset House Publishing and Tapestry Productions biblical and inspirational artist Ron DiCianni can be found at Christ-Centered Art.