White House Spring


Nita Engle - White House Spring

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White House Spring Nita Engle 1994

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Print Description:
The first time Nita Engle saw Washington, D.C., was in 1976, America's Bicentennial Year, during the spring holidays. "There were millions of little kids," said Nita. "I think every single schoolchild was there for Easter vacation." Washington, D.C., is a dashing city, and, for Nita, there was an energy there: "Energy is a real thing; it's in the air, and it's given off by the people."

Nita loves the sense of history on the East Coast, particularly in Washington. The city's historic buildings and monuments - our national landmarks - are elegant, but traditional views are often staid in uninspiring. "I never paint anything unless I have a strong desire to paint it," said Nita. "Without desire, the painting will be boring because I'm bored, and everyone else will bee too.

Nita wanted to capture the spirit she felt in Washington, the light and the liveliness of first impressions of America's heritage - a passionate patriotism. She wanted to make our national monuments come alive, softened and enlivened with sunlight, flowers and trees: "There is so much energy in Washington, and there are so many more paintings I want to do. That's why I'm painting a series, the Capitol Collection. Next, I want to paint the Capitol Building with rhododendrons!

"Passion, heart, desire - whatever you call it - is the first essential in painting," says Nita. "This desire dictates everything else about a painting - the underlying principles, the materials. Passion is what gives life to your work, and then you give it to others."

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White House Spring copyright © 1994 by Nita Engle.