Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk by Morgan Weistling
Morgan Weistling limited edition art prints and canvases of Spilled Milk for sale painted by artist Morgan Weistling.
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Artist Title Year Series
Morgan Weistling Spilled Milk 2006 Single Release

Unframed Signed & Numbered Canvas Giclée  Unframed
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28" x 18" 75 S/N $695.00 Wanted
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Unframed Artist Proof Canvas Giclée  Unframed
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28" x 18" 10 A/P N/A Wanted

Image Description
Artist Morgan Weistling's paintings invite the viewer to step into a story to which everyone can relate and so it is no surprise that his most popular paintings are his portraits of young children. His recent fine art limited edition print, Apple Girl, exudes the wonder of childhood grace. Weistling arranges the figures of women and children as though they were abstract shapes, composing a scene that is both visually harmonious and narratively engaging.

In Spilled Milk, Weistling continues the journey into the wondrous inner life of children. In the quiet light of morning, a round-cheeked toddler stands in her own little corner, out of the way of busy adults. She tilts a pitcher of milk carefully, watching closely as every drop splashes onto the floor of the kitchen. The little milkmaid in the cranberry-colored dress has no motivation but curiosity and her actions stir within all of us a remembrance of our own innocence.

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Spilled Milk by Morgan Weistling

Spilled Milk painting by artist Morgan Weistling can be purchased in art print or canvas form at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.