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Hala Wittwer Artist Trivia

 Christ-Centered Art
 would like to provide you
 the opportunity for to
 get to know our artists
 through art trivia.

 Currently we have the
 following trivia available
 for Hala Wittwer.

 What Art Nouveau painter
 inspired Hala to paint
 fantasy art?

 Kay Nielsen

Hala Wittwer

Hala Wittwer
Hala Wittwer Biography

 Hala Wittwer was born and raised in
 Western Montana. Although she spent much
 of her time drawing, most of her childhood
 involved studying music. It wasn't until Hala
 went to college that she discovered her love
 and potential for the visual arts. Hala began
 her art education at Ricks College located in
 Rexburg, Idaho, with an emphasis in graphic

 One day, while browsing through the library,
 Wittwer uncovered a book of fantasy art
 from the late 1800's to the early 1900's.
 The work of Kay Nielsen and other Art
 Nouveau artists made Hala realize that
 fantasy art was her true passion. From that
 point on, Hala focused her education on
 drawing and painting. She completed a
 Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration
 at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah
 in 1996.

 As Hala's college days ended, she began
 working in-house for a company that
 produced educational software and books
 for children. For the next 4 years, Wittwer
 spent her days at the office doing children's
 illustrations and animations and nights in her
 studio painting her own work. By the end of
 1999, Hala became established enough as a
 free-lance illustrator so she could quit her
 day job and free-lance full time. Wittwer has
 remained in Utah and currently works at her
 home studio where she enjoys having the
 luxury of painting what she wants to paint.

 Wittwer's artwork has been published with
 Harper Collins, Scholastic, Penguin/Putnam,
 Simon and Schuster, Tor Books, Hyperion,
 and many others. Wittwer has been able
 to paint book jackets for such classics as
 Peter Pan, Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little,
 The Trumpet of the Swan, and The Wind
 in the Willows. Wittwer has also painted
 covers for Julie Andrew's 30th anniversary
 edition of Mandy and Alan Arkin's novel
 Cassie Loves Beethoven.

 Hala Wittwer's first limited edition art print
 entitled A Work of Ark was published by
 Somerset House in 2000. This original art
 painting and others have been exhibited at
 the Springville Museum of Art in Utah. In
 February 2004, Hala's artwork was exhibited
 in the 46th Annual Society of Illustrators
 Exhibition in New York City and published
 in the 46th Society of Illustrators Annual.
 Two of Hala's paintings have also been
 published in Spectrum 10, the annual for
 the best contemporary fantasy art.

 Hala is currently illustrating a book entitled
 Meow. It is a collection of cat stories from
 around the world by Jane Yolen, and is
 scheduled to be released in 2006. You can
 keep updated on her latest work, future
 print releases, and other merchandise
 available by visiting

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  Hala Wittwer

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