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Charles Wysocki - Clammers at Hodge's Horn
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Title: Artist: Year of Release:
Clammers at Hodge's Horn Charles Wysocki 1984

Signed & Numbered Paper    unframed
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18.5" x 27.75" 1,000 S/N $150.00 Sold Out
The print size is 22" x 30.75".

Print Description:
One of the scenes to pleasantly surprise Charles Wysocki on his first visit to Cape Cod was the number of people hunting clams at waterside. That visit, in the early Sixties, is recalled in the artist's newest limited edition print, Clammers at Hodge's Horn.

"This cove is an interpretation of that scene," Wysocki says, simultaneously admitting that he has embellished things somewhat. "The horse and buggy were actually a car and a flat-bed trailer, and the baskets were metal pails," he says. Wysocki admits to further mischief: "Under my paint and brush, a broken-down old clam shack blossomed into Hodge's Inn and Restaurant."

Clammers at Hodge's Horn: The years - and the magic touch of Charles Wysocki - have improved the view considerably.

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Clammers at Hodge's Horn copyright © 1984 by Charles Wysocki.