Love Letter from Laramie

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Charles Wysocki - Love Letter from Laramie
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Love Letter from Laramie Charles Wysocki 1992    year of issue

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Signed & Numbered Paper    unframed
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16.5" x 22" 1,500 S/N $150.00 $75.00
The print size is 20" x 25".

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Print Description:
Charles Wysocki's love of America is not limited to New England. "This is an unusual piece for me," he says. "This is my first big Western painting. Back in 1973, I did a humorous calendar with Western themes, but this is my first serious one."

Wysocki has always had a soft spot in his heart for the Old West, but that is not what made
Love Letter from Laramie a certainty. "Five years ago I approached several Western artists of note and suggested they do "Women of the West.' All they gave me was a blank, macho store." Having just moved to the Western desert, Wysocki decided to do it himself.

"I went through all the Western memorabilia I could find," he says, "and there were very few things about the women. There are some pictures, but hardly any paintings. I just came from the famous Cody museum, where I saw only tow paintings of women - and they were just sitting on horses. I wanted to go much deeper and further than that.

Wysocki's first woman of the West is Ms. R. Turner, who has just ridden a few miles to the Old Coyote Trail in order to pick up her mail. No forlorn flower is she, pining for her man at sea, like the women in Wysocki's beautiful New England-based "Ladies in Waiting" series. As befitting the location, this damsel is made of more independent stuff.

"Our heroine has a rifle," Wysocki points out, "evidence that the place is still not the most hospitable area imaginable. She's apt to kill a few rattlesnakes, if she wants, or even fend off some marauding bandits if she needs to."

Wysocki leaves little doubt that "Rattlesnake" Turner can handle herself - as well as any man who sends a love letter - making her a fitting subject for this homage to the women of the West. "The cowboys have been hogging the spotlight for too long," he declares. "Let's give the women a chance. It's about time."

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Love Letter from Laramie copyright © 1992 by Charles Wysocki.