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Charles Wysocki - Mr. Swallobark
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Title: Artist: Year of Release:
Mr. Swallobark Charles Wysocki 1986

Signed & Numbered Paper    unframed
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20.25" x 25.625" 2,000 S/N $145.00 Sold Out
The print size is 23.75 x 28.625".

Print Description:
A happy man is Benj. Jeremiah Swallobark. He makes brooms, good ones, in whose creation he takes great pride. He has been making brooms for many years, but still each broom is different, individual, and unique. And each new day holds promise and challenge for Mr. Swallobark.

For Charles Wysocki, the small business man's life holds the promise of adventure. "I've always been fascinated by the small business man and his environment. The shops and shopkeepers of old add to that special intrigue for me. I always feel a pleasant anticipation as I turn the latch to enter a shop that might hold that special adventure waiting within. I particularly admire craftsmen who are good with their hands. In
Mr. Swallobark, I pay homage to the little-known broom maker."

--- Charles Wysocki

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Mr. Swallobark copyright © 1986 by Charles Wysocki.