West Quoddy Head Light


Charles Wysocki - West Quoddy Head Light, Maine

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West Quoddy Head Light Charles Wysocki 1991

Signed & Numbered Paper    unframed
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15" x 18" 2,500 S/N $165.00 $199.00
The print size is 18.5" x 21".

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Print Description:
Harbingers of another time; monuments of a simpler, cleaner, happier era; guardians for safe passage. They are lighthouses, and for years, they have been staples of Charles Wysocki's wonderful work.

"They are unique expressions of human creativity," Wysocki has said. "Physically, they represent triumphant solutions to complex engineering problems. Emotionally, they exemplify drama, rescue, poetry, romance, grandeur, nostalgia, and artistry."

West Quoddy Head Light Station has been entered in the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1808 at the order of President Thomas Jefferson, the original rubble work tower was replaced in 1858 by the iron one that stands at the end of Quoddy Head Peninsula in Quoddy Head State Park.

At dusk on a cold winter day, West Quoddy Head Light, southeast of Lubec, Maine, stands as the sailor's beacon. Lighthouses along this rugged coastline warn of thick fog and twenty-eight foot tides, rocks, and shoals. But Quoddy Light's greatest distinction is geographical. It stands on the eastern-most point of the United States. Across the Lubec Channel lies Campobello, the Canadian island which was Franklin D. Roosevelts's summer home.

On summer weekends, tourists flock to West Quoddy Head, but the light's biggest audience is composed of fishermen sailing home, and the crews of coastal cargo ships, yachts, and passing deep sea vessels. It is for them that this gallant sentry flashes its friendly characteristic signal: two seconds on, two seconds off, two on, and nine off. It's a reassuring signpost for anxious navigators on a tractless sea.

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West Quoddy Head Light, Maine copyright © 1991 by Charles Wysocki.