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  • This is the best thing that I have seen on the computer! I just praise God for people like you for having such information for people who may not hear about God otherwise.

  • What a way to beat the enemy at his own game! May the Holy Spirit bless everyone as they have fun and enjoy this Web site. Congratulations to the creator! It's obvious that God continues to inspire you to gather his army. God bless.

    Paul Nierengarten
  • Christ-Centered Mall has been a blessing. I have to give a speech on temperance and was led by the spirit to your website. Thank you for being there. I know I'll be coming back to you because there is so much to read and learn. The only way to grow in the spirit is through the Word of God. Bless You.

    Again, you website is God sent. Thank you for being here. Its was only the will of God that I found you.

    Patsy Prince
  • After an exhaustive search on the Net, I can honestly say that Christ-Centered Mall is the best Christian Mall available. Offering more than just great products; it is a virtual Christian hang out. One can read the Teachings, Cartoons, enter Prayer requests, go to a Christian Chat Room, etc. And lest I forget, it is by far the best source for Christian artwork. I was amazed to find that the whole site is the work of one sincere Christian man, with the blessing and love of the Holy Ghost.

    Dr. L. Robb Heering
  • This is a wonderful website. It is by far the most informative Christian site I have seen since I began net surfing in December. The teachings are great. May God Bless You.

    Marcelene Washington
  • I'm exited to be apart of your program. I think what you're doing is awesome.

    Nichole E. Theriault
  • Well done web site, with solid Holy Bible teaching. Straight forward and simple, I enjoyed my reading of the teachings, page layout excellent.

    Joseph P. Burke
  • Well done. My family and I are constantly amazed with this site. Keep up the good work!

    Steve Evans
  • This is very nice. If you created this yourself you have a very good talent. Thank you!

    Darren John
  • This is a very good ministry, and I will definitely recommend my friends to access this website and pray that they will be edified by the cartoons.

    Ms. Chan Pei Peng
  • Just wanted to say that I like this mall. Something "heavenly" about it.

    --- Richard Lucas
  • Upbuilding and interesting site. Found page on fasting interesting & informative. Will visit again soon.

    --- Pastor Glendon M. Hermanus
  • Thank you for such a site. We hear so many negative things about the i-net its good to see one proclaiming the Truth. Thank God for it, and I for one appreciate you all!

    --- Gary L. Chelf
  • This is the BEST mall I have ever seen on the 'net. I am a Promise Keeper and I can't wait to shop here.

    --- Mark McNeal
  • Your products that I have seen are so cute.

    --- Nancy Jackson
  • I just surfed into your site and find it to be one of the most professionally designed sites of all the ones I have seen thus far!

    --- C.L. Burrow
  • This information is just what I have been searching for. I have read scriptures, books, and pamphlets - all to no avail. They basically gave information on what the Holy Ghost was but not how to receive it. I am striving for the power you have described and am looking anxiously to receive as I strive to work for Christ. Thank you so much for giving the necessary information. May God bless you and your website.

    --- Dr. Gloria D. Winkler
  • Great Site. I especially like your teachings and the biblical profiles.

    --- Ann Smith
  • Beautiful site!

    --- Otto and Eva Kolberg
  • This is a great and wonderful site. It is really meaningful for Christians.

    --- Marcelina Kumalasari
  • I'm glad your giving such a wonderful area for anyone to shop and get the gift of salvation keep up the great work!

    --- Evangelyn Vance
  • The Scripture of the Day is a TREMENDOUS help for me, and I am sure it blesses others too!

    --- Mandie Marek
  • It's good to see such things as the Christ-Centered Mall publicized on the internet for everyone to see!

    --- Dawn Miller
  • I did visit your site, and I want to congratulate you on a highly commendable effort. Anyone who dedicates his time to our Lord has my total respect and support.

    --- Willie Otto
  • I have really enjoyed going through the Christ-Centered Mall There are so many sites to enjoy.

    May God bless your work!

    --- Doris Powers
  • My first visit to your site. I am excited to see the contents and learn of the location of this mall. Plan to visit the mall possibly in February when I am in that area.

    --- Kathy DeVore
  • Today is my first time on your site. I like it so far.

    God be with you.

    --- Jackie Hayes
  • Concerning the Music Zone: "I love the music that the Lord has placed into the hearts of the composers and the musicians.

    I am really blessed by the songs that are composed and played by your composers and musicians (listed in the Music Zone). They are really inspired by God because His awesomeness and mighty works are manifested in them. God bless you more and continue to be used by God for the expansion of His kingdom."

    --- Milbe Grace F. Ampong
  • Quite a cool site. Thank God for people like you. I pray that the Lord who strengthen you in the vision. I work in computing and am aware of the mess that the enemy is using to destroy pepole's minds. We need more pure and holy Christ-centered sites like yours, spreading the word of God. Keep up the good work, I'll spread the word among my friends,and have bookmarked your home page in my favorites file.

    Stay a blessing!

    --- Tony Olusanya
  • I like your Bible Game. Thanks for the fun!

    --- Diana Panton
  • God bless you all! What a terrific website!

    --- Tina Lane
  • No one should be hampered or be made hesitant to surf your site! God bless, and thank you for an absolutely WONDERFUL website!

    --- Gerald Wilkins
  • We are new to the internet and are very pleased to see that there are those who invest time to share their faith.

    --- Douglas Mills
  • I am so very grateful to have a site like this in my life. Thank you!

    --- Virginia Sharkey
  • I have been looking all over the internet for a Christian web site. I am happy to found yours. Thank you!

    --- Shirley Hendricks
  • Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our most esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." (As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.)

    --- The Web Select Team
  • May the Lord Bless you and guide you to do what is pleasing in His sight.

    --- Valerie Agro
  • I just wanted to let you know how truly blessed I was by this website! Praise the Lord for this awesome ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly!

    --- Eliza Mendez
  • Wow, you really have a great site! I only got to skim your site but would be honored to put a link from my page. I love June's cartoon; I really chuckled over that one.

    God bless!

    --- Barb Schuler
  • You have an excellent website, which is an encouragement in this ungodly internet.

    --- Josh Pust
  • This is a truly blessed and inspirational site. I will enjoy telling others about it.

    Christal Kay Bensch
  • We are blessed and appreciate you. Please keep up the good work and let us keep lifting up Jesus. Great site.

    John and Valorie Krause
  • I wish we had more web pages like this to share with the lost. Thank you for your time and effort that you have put into this. God Bless you!

    Jean Hodges
  • This looks like a place my wife will like. I really enjoyed your profile area.

    Paul Merritt
  • Keep up the good work!

    Bill Barth
  • Thank you for this sight. It is wonderful. Knowledge and fun! WOW! I am passing it along.

    D. Casey
  • Excellent web design company and marketing idea you have going here!

    Michael Putzier

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