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Beauty and the Beast and other artwork by artist Thomas Blackshear can be viewed in our artist slideshow.

Beauty and the Beast by Thomas Blackshear II

Beauty and the Beast by artist Thomas Blackshear and other Thomas Blackshear II art, art work, artwork, canvases, giclees, images, limited editions, open editions, paintings, paper, pictures, posters, and prints can all be found at Christ-Centered Art.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast by Thomas Blackshear

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Beauty and the Beast Background


Beauty and the Beast Description

"I've always been interested in turn-of-the-century art that combines dreamlike quality with a strong design. I was influenced by both Gustav Klimt and Maxfield Parrish, so I've always wanted to do their type of romantic, symbolic work. It has a lasting quality to it."

"This is a symbolic piece, and the play of light and shadow is very important. The Beast is really the dark side of man, but through Beauty's love he can be turned into someone who is filled with light," says Blackshear. The butterflies on either side of the lovers represent the metamorphosis that pure love will eventually achieve. The design of the background, especially, elicits the finest of Klimt.

"Klimt's art achieved both individuality and extreme elegance," Blackshear explains. "Those are part of my goals, too. And themes of regeneration and love can be found in much of his work, so, in a way, my interpretation of this classic tale is a homage to him."

Thomas Blackshear's delicate attention to detail gives the finished work a special radiance, realized in the print with equally precies and beautiful Greenwich Workshop Creative Impressions styling. Bronzing enhances the flowers and leaves in the background, the Beast's earring, and the detailing on the characters' garments.

"My version of the classic story about a Beauty and the Beast shows the union of two very different people," Blackshear says, "who share only one thing — love."

-- Thomas Blackshear

Paper and Canvas Options for Beauty and the Beast

Signed & Numbered PaperSigned and Numbered Paper Unframed
Printing MethodLithograph
Image Size31" x 23.625"
Edition Size1,000 S/N
Issue Price$225.00
Current Price$838.00
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This unframed limited edition paper print comes mint in its original folio, includes a genuine certificate of authenticity from the Greenwich Workshop, and is individually numbered and signed by the artist Thomas Blackshear.

Signed & Numbered CanvasSigned and Numbered Canvas Unframed
Printing MethodGiclée
Image Size23" x 17"
Edition Size325 S/N
Issue Price$595.00
Current Price$588.00
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This unframed limited edition canvas print comes mint in its original packaging, is stretched, has a genuine certificate of authenticity from the Greenwich Workshop, and is individually numbered and hand signed by the artist Thomas Blackshear.

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Beauty and the Beast by Thomas Blackshear

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