Old Man with a Lot on His Mind

James Christensen art print: Old Man with a Lot on His Mind

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Title: Artist: Year of Release:
Old Man with a Lot
on His Mind
James C. Christensen 1991

Signed & Numbered Paper    Unframed Print
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10.75" x 9"   850 S/N $85.00 Sold Out
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This Cameo print is accompanied by an engraved brass nameplate.
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Print Description:
Did you ever wonder what goes on in an old man's mind? Fantasy artist James Christensen allows us to peer into this old fellow's head, but it only leads to more questions: Who is that woman? What is the leopard doing there? What war are those soldiers from? And what about the birds, fish and the frog? Are those strange images memories of the old man's past adventures? Or merely day dreams? Even if we asked for stories, would he want to share them?

You can almost see him thinking, "Harumph! What do these young scalawags know about Love or Hard Times — or Life for that matter?" This old man may seem absent-minded, but after a whole lifetime of experiences, he really just has a lot on his mind. For all of us in this busy and hurried world who have a lot on our minds, Christensen has created this delightful and amusing image.

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