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James Coleman Artist Trivia

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 What is James' favorite


 What is James' favorite


 What is James' favorite


 What is James' favorite


 What is James' favorite


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James Coleman


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James Coleman Art Print Titles

 James Coleman is a name synonymous with
 sweeping skies, tropical rain forests, rich
 deep woods and silent deserts. The images
 created by this talented man continue to
 delight all who view them.

 James Coleman was born in Hollywood,
 California in 1949. As a youth, his creative
 abilities seemed to dominate his world.
 Though he lacked the athletic skills of his
 young friends, he more than made up for it
 with imagination and ingenuity. As a young
 man, his interest in film making and fine art
 would mark the beginning of a long,
 successful career in animated films.

 Coleman began his career with Walt Disney
 Studios in the summer of 1969, when his
 mother, who had been working as a
 secretary with Disney since the Hyperion
 days, got him a job in the studio's

 His big break came when he entered one of
 his paintings in the studio art show. Several
 of the Disney artists viewing his work saw
 his potential and realized he had an
 untapped ability and encouraged him to go
 into animation background painting.

 His creative energies where welcomed by
 Walt Disney Productions. His first film,
 "Winnie, the Pooh and Tigger, Too,"
 sparked his interest not only in painting
 backgrounds but also in background design
 and color styling.

 After completing, "The Rescuers," his first
 feature film, he was promoted to
 Background Department Supervisor, a
 position he held for nearly seventeen years.
 During that time, he personally hired and
 trained a select group of artists, whom he
 would work with for most of his career at

 While at Disney, James Coleman styled and
 worked on twelve films and over thirty
 short subjects which included "Mickey's
 Christmas Carol," "The Fox and the Hound,"
 "The Great Mouse Detective," "The Black
 Cauldron," "The Little Mermaid," and
 Academy Award-winning, "Beauty and the
 Beast." All of which came to life with James
 Coleman's background images gracing the
 silver screen.

 In 1991, after twenty-two years with
 Disney, James left to pursue a new career.
 He was ready to devote all of his time and
 talent to the love of his life, fine art. Today
 he continues to illuminate the art world with
 vibrant colors, gentle moods, powerful
 design, and exquisite detail.

 Coleman works in oil, watercolor, gouache,
 and pastel. His work is impressionistic and
 luminous. His pieces intrigue the eye and
 touch the heart. His paintings are warm,
 inviting, and unique.

 A master of color, light, and design,
 Coleman has become one of the most
 collected and sought-after artists around
 the world. James Coleman pieces can be
 found in many fine, personal, and corporate
 collections including that of the Disney

 Coleman is a naturalist and
 environmentalist who involves himself with
 National Parks and other environmental
 organizations. He has been a finalist for five
 years in the Arts for the Parks competition.

 The contribution made by James Coleman
 to the world of art over some thirty years,
 both in film and fine art, makes him one of
 the most collected artists in contemporary
 art. His work is represented by some of the
 most prominent and respected galleries in
 North America, the Orient, and the
 Hawaiian Islands.
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