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Larry Dyke Spotlight

Larry Dyke is an artist who is best known for his inspiring paintings of Texas landscapes and other beautiful scenes.

 Autumn in the Smokies

This particular image is a new release, Autumn in the Smokies. It depicts the glorious colors of fall and a secluded waterfall deep in the Appalachian Mountains.

View this image and the rest of Larry Dyke's art portfolio in the online gallery.

Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke art prints and canvases for sale

Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke

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Introduction to Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke has devoted his life's work to the interpretation of the beauty he beholds in nature. In his paintings, Dyke captures not only the physical beauty of the great outdoors but also the spiritual sense of perfection he views in the handiwork of God's creation.

Newspaper You can view a detailed biography of Larry Dyke on our website.

Currently, Larry's best-selling art print is The Good Shepherd. View this image and more in our Larry Dyke slideshow.

Larry Dyke Art Print Titles

3rd at Muirfield (Ps. 113:3)Price
7th at Hills of Lakeway (So. 4:15)Price
7th at Pebble Beach (Ps. 98:7)Price
8th at Banff SpringsPrice
8th at Pebble BeachPrice
10th at AugustaPrice
11th at AugustaPrice
12th at Augusta (Is. 40:8) Don't MissPrice
12th at Castle Pines (Is. 49:10)Price
12th at La CanteraPrice
12th at Muirfield (Luke 12:27)Price
13th at Augusta (Ps. 103:15)Price
13th at the Atlanta Country ClubPrice
13th at ValhallaPrice
15th at AugustaPrice
15th at Cypress Point (Ps. 93:4)Price
16th at Barton CreekPrice
16th at Colonial (Is. 26:1)Price
17th at Shoal Creek (Deut. 8:7)Price
A Heritage from the LordPrice
A Lost World - Angel FallPrice
A New Beginning (Jeremiah 17:7)Price
A New Promise (Genesis 9:16)Price
After the Storm (Lam. 3:26)Price
Along Rae's CreekPrice
Ascent at Dawn (Psalm 5:3)Price
At the End of the DayPrice
Augusta NationalPrice
Autumn in the Smokies New ReleasePrice
Autumn SunrisePrice
Azalea Path - Impressions of BiltmorePrice
Back to School (Psalm 90:12)Price
Birds at SevenPrice
Bluebonnets Along the Frio New ReleasePrice
Bountiful Sky (Leviticus 26:4)Price
Bridges of Augusta, ThePrice
Bountiful Sky (Leviticus 26:4)Price
Cape HatterasPrice
Carolina Spring (Isaiah 43:2)Price
Church in the Valley, The New ReleasePrice
Cloudy View (Job 22:13)Price
Coming Home New ReleasePrice
Country Memories (Ps. 104:23)Price
Crystal CascadesPrice
Crystal PassagePrice
Cypress PointPrice
Daniel 2:21Price
Dawn of Antiquity, The (James 4:14)Price
Deep in the Heart New ReleasePrice
Desert MountainPrice
Deut. 11:12 (Stream/Bluebonnets)Price
Deut. 28:8 (Barn/Windmill)Price
Early Arrival (Ephesians 5:8)Price
Early Departure (2 Tim. 4:6-8)Price
Early SnowPrice
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (Turkeys)Price
Evening Calm (Joshua 21:2)Price
Evening ShadowsPrice
Everlasting ArmsPrice
Ezekiel 32:14 (Turkeys)Price
Familiar Path (Psalm 23:3)Price
Fire Island LightPrice
First Flight (Genesis 1:20)Price
Fisherman, ThePrice
Fountains of Rainforest (Ps. 78:16)Price
Four Faces - Big Bend (Is. 35:6)Price
Four Faces - Coastland (Ps. 95:5)Price
Four Faces - Hill Country (Deut. 11:11)Price
Four Faces - Piney Woods (Hs. 6:14)Price
Four Faces of Texas - Set of 4Price
From the Rock (Psalm 8:15)Price
Frosty Morning (Psalm 5:3)Price
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 Larry Dyke

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Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke art prints and canvases by Painter of Light artist Larry Dyke can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.