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Larry Dyke Spotlight

Larry Dyke is an artist who is best known for his inspiring paintings of Texas landscapes and other beautiful scenes.

 Autumn in the Smokies

This particular image is a new release, Autumn in the Smokies. It depicts the glorious colors of fall and a secluded waterfall deep in the Appalachian Mountains.

View this image and the rest of Larry Dyke's art portfolio in the online gallery.

Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke art prints and canvases for sale

Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke

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Larry Dyke Art Print Titles

Gate, ThePrice
Golden Vista (Numbers 24:6)Price
Golf Miniatures (1996)Price
Golf's Greatest CornerPrice
Good Shepherd, The (John 10:14)Price
Grand Canyon, The New ReleasePrice
Hazy DayPrice
Heaven's Glory New ReleasePrice
Hill Country EveningPrice
Hill Country Morning (Prov. 3:5-6)Price
Isaiah 40:3Price
Isaiah 45:3 (Oil Rig)Price
Isaiah 58:11 (Deer/Stream)Price
Job 39:8 (Elk)Price
John 3:8Price
John 8:12 (West Texas Night)Price
John 8:32 (Mustangs)Price
John 9:4Price
John 10:27 (Sheep/Bluebonnets)Price
Joshua 2:22Price
Just Across Rae's CreekPrice
Lamentations 3:28 (Deer/Winter)Price
Larry Dyke Golf AlbumPrice
Lazy AfternoonPrice
Little Red Schoolhouse, ThePrice
Lofty Horizon (Job 25:2)Price
Lost Sheep, The (Matthew 18:12)Price
Lost World - Angel Falls New ReleasePrice
Majestic Cascade (I Chr. 29:11)Price
Majestic Morning (Amos 4:13)Price
Majestic Vision I & IIPrice
Martha's GardenPrice
Matthew 9:37 (Corn Patch)Price
Matthew 18:12 (Sheep/Gate)Price
Midnight Shadows (Isaiah 60:20)Price
Mission, ThePrice
Mission Conception (Ps. 104:31)Price
Misty ParadisePrice
Morgan's Clearing (Psalm 143:8)Price
Morning at the 16thPrice
Morning Serenity (Psalm 8:1)Price
Morning Watch (Psalm 130:6)Price
Muirfield VillagePrice
Number One at the BouldersPrice
Ocean ChallengePrice
Offering, The (Mark 12:41-44)Price
One at the Boulders (Psalm 18:2)Price
One Fold, One Shepherd Don't MissPrice
Patriot's Vision (Deut. 11:11-12)Price
Peaceful ValleyPrice
Pebble Beach (Psalm 96:11)Price
Pebble Brook (Isaiah 32:17)Price
Perfect Peace (Isaiah 26:3)Price
Proverbs 8:25Price
Proverbs 23:10 (Hereford Cows)Price
Psalm 42:1 (Deer/Logs/Streams)Price
Psalm 90:2 (Mountain Lake)Price
Psalm 91:1 (Squirrel)Price
Psalm 147:16Price
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 Larry Dyke

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Larry Dyke

Larry Dyke art prints and canvases by Painter of Light artist Larry Dyke can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.