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Artist Spotlight

Peter Ellenshaw was an artist who was very well-known for painting landscapes such as the one pictured below.

Colorado Gold

This particular image is Colorado Gold, and it depicts golden leaves of deciduous trees as they change their color in the Colorado fall.

You can gaze upon a pictorial collection of all of Pete Ellenshaw's best-loved artwork by viewing a slideshow.

Peter Ellenshaw Art Prints and Canvases

Peter Ellenshaw landscape and Walt Disney art prints and canvases for sale.

Peter Ellenshaw


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Introduction to Peter Ellenshaw

 Peter Ellenshaw is considered one of the
 forerunners of cinematic special effects,
 having worked for 30 years as a matte
 artist at the Disney Studios.

Newspaper  You can view a detailed biography
 of Peter Ellenshaw on our website.

 Currently, Peter's best-selling art print
 is Autumn Gold Rush. View this image
 and several others in our Slide Show.

Peter Ellenshaw Art Print Titles

 Afternoon Tide 
 Artist's Garden 
 Artist's View 
 Augusta - Twelfth Hole 
 Augusta - Thirteenth Hole 
 Aurora's Rescue - Sleeping Beauty 
 Autumn Gold Rush 
 Autumn Roses 
 Autumn Solitude 
 Autumn Splendor 
 The Beach 
 Beauty & the Beast - Mystical Kingdom 
 Big Sur 
 Bridge at Giverny 
 Cinderella - Glass Castle 
 Colorado Gold Best Seller 
 Cottage Garden 
 Cypress Point - Sixteenth Hole 
 Desert Reflections 
 Fall Reflections - Giverny 
 Fantasia - Mickey's Dream 
 The Glisten of New York 
 The Glow of San Francisco 
 Grand Flight 
 Grand Tetons 
 The Great Age of Sail 
 Homeward Bound 
 The Ice Cathedral 
 Irresistible Forces 
 Mary Poppins - Practically Perfect 
 Mary Poppins - Smoke Walk 
 Mauna Kea - Eleventh Hole 
 Midsummer Morn 
 Monet's Bridge 
 Monet's Pond - Early Morning 
 Path to the Secret Garden 
 Pebble Beach - Seventh Hole 
 Peter Pan - We Can Fly 
 Poppies by the Lake 
 Red Poppies 
 Road to Coomcalli 
 Seascape by Night 
 September Song 
 Solitary Mariner 
 Splendor of the Tetons  Don't Miss! 
 Spring Serenity 
 Spring Storm 
 Springtime - Red Poppies 
 Teton Twilight 
 Times Square - New York City 
 Winnie the Pooh - Fall in 100 Acre Wood 
 Winnie the Pooh - Fishing with Friends 
 Winnie the Pooh - Four Seasons Index 
 Winnie the Pooh - Pooh Soccer 
 Winnie the Pooh - Rescuing Piglet 
 Winnie Pooh - Spring in 100 Acre Wood 
 Winnie Pooh - Summer 100 Acre Wood 
 Winnie Pooh - Winter in 100 Acre Wood 
 Winnie the Pooh - Winter Walk 
 Winter Homecoming 
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Peter Ellenshaw