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Using Our Images

Paint Brushes
Scripture Reference

The Holy Bible "Where were white, green, and blue
 hangings, fastened with cords of
 fine linen and purple to silver rings
 and pillars of marble: the beds were of gold
 and silver, upon a pavement of red and
 blue, and white and black."

.........................................-- Esther 1:6


 Image Use

 All inquiries regarding permission to use
 images found on our website are directed
 to this page. Due to specific requests from
 the artists themselves, the following
 information has recently been revised.

 #1Christ-Centered Art does not and
  cannot give permission to use
  any images found on our site.
  We are not directly affiliated
  with most of the artists and only
  serve to represent them, their
  work, and their publishers in a
  positive and uplifting manner.

 #2Use of artists' work in any form,
  personal or commercial, requires
  permission directly from the
  artist and/or his or her publisher.
  This includes but is not limited
  to: books to be published, all
  other printed material, multi-
  media presentations, CD covers,
  T-shirts, websites, and websets.
  But kindly do not ask us for
  contact information since we
  are not allowed to disclose any
  of our contacts according to
  our company policy.

 #3Previously, this page stated that
  non-commercial use of images
  was acceptable as long as
  proper credit was given to the
  artist and a link was offered to
  this website so that the images
  could be purchased.

  However, it has been brought to
  our attention that this allowance
  was misused. Images taken
  were altered on web pages and
  presented in a manner contrary
  to the artists' original intent.
  Therefore, we are no longer
  implying permission for any
  reason and are taking steps to
  protect the images.

  If you would like to be able to
  show your friends and family
  images on our website, We
  propose that you link our site
  from yours.

 #4Each artist desires that those who
  view their artwork be touched
  and inspired by what they see.
  Copyright laws are in effect to
  protect the integrity of the
  original artwork and give credit
  to whom credit is due. In this
  way, everyone is invited to
  enjoy and appreciate the art.

 #5These art prints and canvases are
  meant to be displayed in homes,
  businesses, churches, and art
  galleries. We aim to provide
  access to family-oriented,
  Christian-related artwork that
  would uplift and inspire wherever
  it is seen.

  You may use the art prints you
  have purchased to illustrate a
  sermon, display on a wall or
  table top, or use in a similar
  presentation provided the image
  is not reproduced, copied, or

 #6Those who choose to violate this
  policy do so at their own risk.
  Christ-Centered Art cannot
  assume responsibility for those
  that do.

 Thank you for your cooperation, and if you
 have further questions, please let us know.

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