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 From You Flowers 

 Offers a complete
 selection of personal
 and corporate floral
 and gift items
 appropriate for any
 occasion and every
 sentiment including
 fresh flowers, gift
 baskets, balloons,
 and plants.


 For more than 25
 years, Christian Book
 Distributors (CBD)
 has been the world's
 largest distributor of
 Christian resources.

 They sell Christian
 apparel, art, Bibles,
 books, calendars,
 church supplies,
 gifts, greeting cards,
 music, software,
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 DVDs, and a whole
 lot more at the
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 Find the perfect gift
 basket for that very
 special occasion
 whether it be a
 housewarming, the
 arrival of a new
 baby, a birthday, or
 some other special


 For every recipient,
 for every occasion,
 you'll find unique,
 high-quality gifts
 that make gift-giving
 memorable and fun.

 Terry's Village 

 Choose from over
 3,000 online gifts
 containing cabin,
 country, garden,
 lighthouse, and
 seasonal themes.

 David's Cookies 

 Offers 19 flavors of
 delicious, freshly-
 baked cookies, gift
 baskets, and an
 ever-popular "Cookie
 of the Month" Club!


Scripture Application

The Holy Bible"And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

.......................................-- Matthew 6:28-29

Art Print Titles

Autumn Roses P. Ellenshaw
Boucat Braldt Bralds
Bridge at Giverny P. Ellenshaw
Coming to Town Arleta Pech
Country Picnic Franco Betti
Eyes for Blue Arleta Pech
First Taste of Spring Arleta Pech
Flamenco Dancers Arleta Pech
Flirtation Arleta Pech
Flowers of the Field C. Blish
Garden Party Arleta Pech
Hanging Hydrangeas C. Blish
Hibiscus Show-off Arleta Pech
Lavendar and Lace Arleta Pech
Light Cascade Arleta Pech
Light of My Life Arleta Pech
Love Flowers C. Blish
Mary's Tulips C. Blish
Monet's Pond - Early Morning P. Ellenshaw
Orchid Magic Arleta Pech
Out of the Blue C. Blish
Path to the Secret Garden P. Ellenshaw
Poppies by the Lake P. Ellenshaw
The Rambler Arleta Pech
Rhythms in Lace Arleta Pech
Spring Bounty C. Blish
Summer's Gift C. Blish
Teatime Tulips Arleta Pech
Trumpet Song Arleta Pech
Victorian Romance Arleta Pech
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