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City Skyline
Scripture Reference

The Holy Bible "And they said, Go to, let us build us
 a city and a tower, whose top may
 reach unto heaven; and let us make
 us a name, lest we be scattered abroad
 upon the face of the whole earth.

 "And the LORD came down to see the city
 and the tower, which the children of men

..................................-- Genesis 11:4-5

Art Titles

 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  G. Harvey
 A Breakfast Out  G. Harvey
 A Child's Joy  G. Harvey
 A Gift of Flowers  G. Harvey
 A Nation Blessed  G. Harvey
 A Stroll on the Plaza  G. Harvey
 A Touch of Spring  G. Harvey
 Along Park Avenue  G. Harvey
 The American Dream  G. Harvey
 The Blessing  G. Harvey
 Boston  T. Kinkade
 Boulevard Lights, Paris  T. Kinkade
 Cabbies at the Market  G. Harvey
 Cabbies on Fifth Avenue  G. Harvey
 California Cable Cars  G. Harvey
 Canyon of Dreams  G. Harvey
 Captains of Commerce  G. Harvey
 Carmel, Ocean Avenue  T. Kinkade
 Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Ave.  T. Kinkade
 Carriages on Canal Street  G. Harvey
 Cathedral of Saint Basil  G. Harvey
 Charity - The Gift of Love  G. Harvey
 Charleston, Rainbow Row  T. Kinkade
 The Chestnut Vendor  G. Harvey
 Chicago, Winter Water Tower  T. Kinkade
 Childhood Memories  G. Harvey
 Children in the City  G. Harvey
 Christ in the City  H. Anderson
 City By the Bay  G. Harvey
 City Crowds  G. Harvey
 City Showers  G. Harvey
 Coachman and the Lads  G. Harvey
 Corner Flower Shop  G. Harvey
 Double Dips  G. Harvey
 Fisherman's Wharf, S.F.  T. Kinkade
 Fresh Flowers  G. Harvey
 Genteel Nation  G. Harvey
 Glistening of New York  P. Ellenshaw
 The Glow of San Francisco  P. Ellenshaw
 God Shed His Grace on Thee  G. Harvey
 Golden Gate Bridge, S.F.  T. Kinkade
 The Harvest Fields  L. Morgan
 Horse Trolley on Park Row  G. Harvey
 Hyde St. and the Bay, S.F.  T. Kinkade
 In God We Trust  G. Harvey
 The Lights of Broadway  G. Harvey
 Lights of San Francisco  G. Harvey
 Market Café  G. Harvey
 Men of the American West  G. Harvey
 Morning Market  G. Harvey
 New York, 7th Avenue, 1932  T. Kinkade
 New York, Fifth Avenue  T. Kinkade
 New York, New York  G. Harvey
 Old Boston  G. Harvey
 Old Westminster Flower Shop  G. Harvey
 Paris, City of Lights  T. Kinkade
 Paris, Eiffel Tower  T. Kinkade
 Park Street Church Boston  G. Harvey
 Peachtree Street Atlanta  G. Harvey
 Pennsylvania Avenue  G. Harvey
 Pike Place Public Market  G. Harvey
 Pike's Peak Trolley  G. Harvey
 Pinnacle of Freedom  G. Harvey
 The Plaza - New York  G. Harvey
 The Portly Porter  G. Harvey
 Prince of Peace  H. Anderson
 San Francisco, 1909  T. Kinkade
 San Francisco, California St.  T. Kinkade
 San Francisco, Late Union Sq.  T. Kinkade
 San Francisco, Lombard St.  T. Kinkade
 San Francisco, Market Street  T. Kinkade
 Springtime in Central Park  G. Harvey
 Sweet Memories  G. Harvey
 Tea Time on Newberry Street  G. Harvey
 Times Square - New York City  P. Ellenshaw
 The Toy Shop  G. Harvey
 Trolleys on Broadway  G. Harvey
 Twilight in the City  G. Harvey
 Unto the Least of These  G. Harvey
 Vendors and Trolleys  G. Harvey
 Vendors of Dreams  G. Harvey
 Wall Street  G. Harvey
 Wall Street - New York  G. Harvey
 The Water Tower, Chicago  T. Kinkade
 We the People  G. Harvey
 Wind River Range  G. Harvey
 Winter Evening in Old Boston  G. Harvey
 Wishes and Dreams  G. Harvey
 The Yellow Awning  G. Harvey
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