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American Folk Art Prints

American folk art prints and country artwork depicting country folk themes can be found in the American folk art print subcategory at Christ-Centered Art.

American Folk Art Subcategory

Country House
Scripture Reference

The Holy Bible"And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places."

-- Isaiah 32:18

American Folk Art Titles

Amish NeighborsC. Wysocki
Apple Butter MakersC. Wysocki
As for Me and My HouseD. Baker
Bedtime Story, A Best SellerC. Peterson
Birdhouse, TheC. Wysocki
Butternut FarmsC. Wysocki
By Wisdom a House Is BuiltD. Baker
Cotton CountryC. Wysocki
Country RaceC. Wysocki
Faithful CompanionD. Mumm
Friendly FelinesD. Mumm
Foxy Fox Outfoxes HuntersC. Wysocki
Fun Lovin' Silly FolksC. Wysocki
Gang's All Here, TheC. Wysocki
Garden Window BoxD. Mumm
God Bless This HomeUnknown
Hickoryhaven CanalC. Wysocki
Hound of the BaskervillesC. Wysocki
Joy of the Lord, TheS. Winget
Lord You KnowS. Winget
LoveC. Wysocki
Love Always ProtectsS. Winget
Noah SamplerD. Mumm
Noah's JourneyD. Mumm
Spring FlingW. Phillips
This Is the DayS. Winget
To Grandmother's HouseC. Peterson
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American Folk Art

American folk art and country art prints, art work, artwork, canvases, giclees, images, paintings, and pictures depicting country folk themes can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.