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Hope you enjoy our computer game java applets! Please note: these games are best played when using Microsoft Explorer 3.0 - 5.0. Those with Netscape Navigator may experience some difficulties here and there.

Presenting the classic arcade game "Asteroids!"

Bible Trivia for Children
A 10 question Bible quiz just for kids!

Can you knock out all of the blocks and prevent the ball from getting behind you?

Try to build a line bridge before the computer does!

Play the classic game that continues to stand the test of time.

Connect Four
Can you connect for of your chips before the computer does?

An amazing miniature golf game in 3-D! Choose from up to three different courses.

Hang Haman
Can you figure out the Bible term before time runs out? Otherwise Haman will be hanged on the gallows!

Remember whack-a-mole? Well this is similar; it's called hit the dot.

Lights On!
Try to turn on all of the lights! There is no need to be concerned about wasting electricity here!

Can you jump all of the pegs and leave only one peg standing?

Space Worms
You're a space worm and must eat stars, avoiding the opponent, the walls, and yourself!

Tail Gunner
An amazing 3-D flight simulator game where you shoot down enemy fighters.

Now you can play the classic tic-tac-toe game without wasting paper. But, be sure to have a friend along for this is a 2-player game.

Towers of Babel
Use your mind to solve this building project.

Word Search new
Find the hidden words by drawing a circle around them. This month's topic is the "Feasts of Israel."

Sheep Maze new
Help the shepherd find his lost sheep.

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