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Terms and Definitions

Privacy Policy Description

 Artist Proof

 A signed and numbered print bearing the
 pencil-written initials A/P. Artist proofs are
 identical to their S/N counterparts, with the
 exception that there are fewer A/Ps, thus
 making them more desireable to collectors.

 Sometimes the artist may retain the artist
 proofs. As a general rule, there are 10%
 more A/Ps than S/Ns when a painting is
 reproduced as a numbered edition.


 Lithographs (as well as iris prints) can be
 transfered to canvas, a special fabric
 material, which gives the appearance of
 texture to the image. Irises can also be
 printed directly on to the canvas.

 Giclée (Iris)

 Giclée (pronounced ZHEE-clay) is the
 French term for "fine spray." A giclée print
 is created with digital printers using four
 tiny ink jets that spray more than 4 million
 microscopic water-based colored ink
 droplets per second onto a sheet of fine art
 paper or canvas, spinning on a drum at the
 rate of 250 inches per second.

 Precise computer calculations control these
 ink jets to produce over 500 shades of
 dense, water-based ink. A computer scans
 the artist's original work to control the jets
 -- no printing film or plates are involved.
 The final product is a lush, vibrant, and
 velvety-looking art print; one that has the
 feel of a watercolor, and the clarity of an
 original painting.

 Limited Edition

 A limited edition print is a reproduction of
 an original painting which is numbered and
 signed by the artist. The limited number of
 pieces in the edition as well as the artist's
 signature yields a collectible piece of art.

 The materials used in producing a limited
 edition print are archival-quality. This is
 done to preserve the life of the print and
 to prevent discoloration. The paper on
 which the image is printed is treated so it
 is pH neutral (acid-free) and is a heavier
 paper stock than the open edition prints.
 Limited edition prints are often referred
 to as lithographs.

 If the print is framed by the publisher, the
 hinge tape, backing paper, and the fiber
 matting are all acid-free.


 The majority of prints are lithographs.
 They are printed from a flat surface, and
 therefore lack texture. A limited edition
 lithograph is printed with museum-quality
 inks and paper, whereas open edition prints
 and posters may not be.

 Offset lithography is the process of taking
 an original piece of art and separating the
 colors using a scanner or digital camera
 which feeds the image directly into a
 computer. Combining this information with
 the photo offset printing process, the press
 recreates all the colors in the original
 artwork. Additional tints or touch plates
 may be added to produce a print that is an
 exact match to the original painting.

 Open Edition

 An open edition print is printed on a lighter
 weight paper stock. It is usually smaller in
 size than the limited edition, and is also not
 signed, numbered, or personally inspected
 by the artist. For these reasons, the open
 edition is less expensive than a limited
 edition print.

 Open edition prints are ideal for those who
 are interested in the ministry power of the
 image rather than the collectibility of the
 piece. Open edition prints are reprinted
 according to public demand and are ideal
 for home, office, and church use.


 A company which holds the legal rights
 to print and distribute an artist's images
 is known as a publisher. This company, also
 known as a Publishing House, sells the
 artist's reproductions to art dealers.


 A remarque is a unique and highly detailed
 colored or pencil sketch by the artist which
 has been drawn directly onto a the margin
 area of print or is sometimes included
 separately. A remarque adds value to a
 print, since it is unique and original.


 A revolutionary new art form that combines
 the giclée printing technology with a rigid
 archival surface. Rigiclées are framed
 without glass and have all the brilliance of
 an artist's original painting.

 Secondary Market

 The secondary market is a source for
 obtaining prints or canvases after the
 edition is sold out from the publisher. The
 value and availability of a piece are based
 upon supply and demand. The secondary
 market can be extremely unpredictable as
 price is determined by the value of the print
 to the individual consumer and may differ
 from one geographic area to another.


 A serigraph (pronounced sear-E-graph) is
 produced by the silk-screen or screen-print
 printing process. For each desired color, a
 photographically-prepared or hand-cut
 stencil is created indicating where the color
 will be applied. Then the stencil is adhered
 to a silk or nylon mesh screen, and paint of
 that color is forced through the screen onto
 the paper. The resulting process creates a
 luxurious, vibrant image.

 Signed Only

 An open edition print which is signed by the
 artist but not numbered is "signed only."

 Signed and Numbered (S/N)

 An abbreviation meaning signed and
 numbered, or standard numbered. An S/N
 print is also referred to as a limited edition.

 Thomas Kinkade Terms

 You can find terms and definitions related
 specifically to Thomas Kinkade artwork on
 our Kinkade Terminology page.

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