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In Training

Scott Kennedy art print: In Training

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Print Description
In Training by Scott Kennedy depicts two Samoyed pups trying to pull a couple of Samoyed pups on a sled.

"Let's mush!" these puppies seem to say. One pair tugs on the tow line, while the other two perch on the sled, prepared to perform the role of passengers. It looks like fun and that might be why a pair of curious eyes are watching from a distance.

With the wonderful work
In Training , Scott Kennedy invites you to share in his love of the wildernesss and sled dog racing.

"I grew up with a Samoyed in the house," says Kennedy, "and during high school I became interested in sled dog races. Sled dog racing is almost like the sport of sailing - you glide quickly and quietly, but on snow instead of water. All you hear is the dogs's soft, rhythmic breathing and the jingle of the hardware on their harnesses. So much of the enjoyment comes from the dogs themselves - they love to race so much, you can hardly make them stop once they start running."

"That's one reason I call this work
In Training . Sure, the pups are mimicking the adults, and they're learning some skills that they'll use when they're older. But it's clearly a lot of fun for them."

It's also fun to watch, especially if you're a lively and curious ermine. Gaze carefully into the background and you'll find the little white-coated animal blending into the surrounding snow.

"I knew I wanted some animal to be watching from a distance," Kennedy says," one that might be intrigued by the action. Then I thought of ermines. You rarely see the, but when you do, they're always investigating something."

Kennedy is particularly proud of
In Training. He worked hard to capture the details of the racing sled, right down to the snow hook, the small anchor that is stored in the holster-like pouch. And he used delicate brushstrokes to reveal the look of fresh-fallen snow as it clings to the bending pine branches. But Kennedy won't blame you if your eyes linger on the joyful Siberians and Samoyeds.
This print was issued & released in 1990.

Art Print Options
Signed & Numbered Paper   unframed
Image Size: 7 7/8" x 14 7/8"
Edition Size:3,350 S/N
Original Issue Price:$165.00
Our Current Price: $124.00
The overall print size is 12 3/8" x 17 7/8".

Artist Proof Paper   unframed
Image Size: 7 7/8" x 14 7/8"
Edition Size:150 A/P
Original Issue Price:$365.00
Our Current Price: Sold Out
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