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Questions and Answers

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 "I am an aspiring artist. Do you publish
 artwork? How do I go about promoting my
 artwork on Christ-Centered Art and the
 Christ-Centered Store?"

 We do not publish artwork; however, we
 actively promote Christian artists through
 Christ-Centered Art as well as the
 Christ-Centered Store. To learn more,
 please read about our Artist Package.

 "Do you have a printed art catalog?"

 Due to the large amount of images we sell
 as well as copyright rules, rapidly changing
 inventory, and to keep your prices low, we
 currently only have an online art catalog.

 You can view our expansive online catalog
 by clicking on artists or art categories.
 You may also view new releases by your
 favorite artists as well as our top sellers.

 "Do you sell wholesale?"

 For art galleries and bookstores with a valid
 tax ID number, we offer a 20% discount on
 orders over $100.00. Restrictions include
 Thomas Kinkade artwork and all secondary
 market (sold-out) pieces.

 "What is the difference between a regular
 signed & numbered print and an artist proof?"

 An artist proof (noted by the abbreviation
 A/P) is identical to an S/N print with one
 exception. There are fewer A/P prints,
 making the print more collectible than the
 standard limited edition print. Both editions
 are signed by the artist and include a
 certificate of authenticity. Read more about
 this on our Terms and Definitions page.

 "Do you have print titles not listed on your

 As you browse through our individual artist
 pages, you might find that a particular print
 is not listed under the art print titles. If this
 is the case, please contact us, since we
 might have access to that print and it may
 have been inadvertently omitted.

 "I see a print listed under the art print titles,
 but why doesn't the link show me a picture?"

 Just because there is not a link to a page
 with an image, price, and print description
 does not mean that we do not carry that
 print. It simply means that we currently do
 not have a scan of that particular image to
 show you. Simply contact us to check on
 the print's current pricing and availability.

 "Are art prints a good investment?"

 Yes, for the most part. However, you must
 note that like any other commodity, there is
 a supply and demand rule to follow:

Bull Market  If the supply of a limited-edition
 print is low and the demand for
 that particular print is high, then
 the value of the print will go up
 substantially once the print sells
 out from the publisher.

Bear Market  On the other hand, there is a
 chance that a particular print
 can decrease in value. This most
 often occurs when there is a low
 public demand for the image or
 when there are too many prints released by
 a publisher, resulting in a flooded market.

 The golden rule in art investment is to buy
 something you really like and enjoy looking
 at everyday. Then, if the print goes up in
 value, you have an added bonus! Since art
 is a universal language, there is always a
 tremendous interest. Therefore, for the
 most part, art is a good investment.

 "Do you sell any Thomas Kinkade limited
 editions besides Standard Numbered and
 Artist Proofs?"

 In addition to the very popular S/N and A/P
 editions, we also sell Gallery Proofs (G/P),
 Publisher Proofs (P/P), International Proofs
 (I/P), Renaissance Editions (R/E), Studio
 Proofs (S/P), and Master Editions (M/E)
 which may not be listed on our website.
 Please contact us to check on current
 pricing and availability of these editions.

 For more information on Thomas Kinkade
 products, please visit Thomas Kinkade

 "How do you describe the print dimensions?"

 Our prints are sized first by height then by
 width. If a print size is listed as 16" x 20",
 the image is 16 inches high and 20 inches
 wide. The size listed is usually the image
 size; however, please be aware that some
 sizes are listed as "framed size" or as "print
 size" (which includes the white border
 around the image).

 "What forms of payment do you accept?"

 We accept various types of payments.
 Please visit our Payment Options page
 for more information.

 "Is it safe to use my credit card?"

 Yes, shopping at Christ-Centered Art is
 extremely safe. Every credit card purchase
 you make at Christ-Centered Art is backed
 by our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

 "What are your shipping costs, and do you
 ship overseas?"

 For detailed information regarding shipping
 carriers and shipping costs, please visit our
 Shipping Rates page. We gladly ship most
 items to any destination in the world using
 the quickest and most economical means.

 "What is your return policy?"

 For detailed information regarding returns,
 please visit our Return Policy page.

 "Do you allow layaways?"

 Yes, on most prints we can work out a
 30 to 90-day layaway to work with your
 budget. For detailed information regarding
 layaways, please visit our Layaway page.

 "What if I can't find a particular print?"

 Let us know of any Christian art prints you
 would like to purchase which are not listed
 on our website through our Print Locator.

 "Are your prices listed online final?"

 The prices listed on our website are not
 necessarily final. Due to the constant
 fluctuation of the print market, print prices
 and inventory can change rapidly. You may
 find that a price has gone up, or you might
 even find that a price has gone down.

 You can find out more about availability and
 pricing on our Gallery Disclaimer page.

 "How should I handle my giclée?"

 Your giclée on paper or on canvas is very
 delicate and completely intolerant to water
 and moisture. It should be handled as
 carefully as you would handle an original
 watercolor, taking special care to avoid
 any contact with water or mist.

 Please make certain that your hands are
 clean, dry and oil-free before touching it.
 (Perspiration on your hands or fingers will
 damage the image.) As with all fine art
 reproductions, please hang it in an area
 free from strong light and humidity. Handled
 properly, your giclée will provide many
 years of pleasurable viewing.

 "What if my question has not been answered?"

 If you did not find the answer to your
 question on this page, please feel free to
 e-mail us for a personal response.
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