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Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Privacy Policy Description

 Who is the Vine?

 Jesus said in John 15:5: "I am the Vine, ye
 are the branches: He that abideth in Me,
 and I in him, the same bringeth forth much
 fruit: for without Me ye can do nothing."

 Would you like to know more about Jesus?
 Who was He? What was His life all about?
 Find out by visiting the Christ-Centered Mall
 and reading the Story of Jesus.

 Know Jesus Personally

 Perhaps you already know about Jesus, but
 do you know Him personally? Would you
 like to? Simply ask Jesus into your heart
 to be your Lord and Savior so you may
 come into proper relationship with Him.

 Don't waste your life driving aimlessly down
 the highway of life. You can enter into His
 rest and receive the joy and peace God so
 greatly desires for you to have. However,
 this rest only comes by having a close,
 intimate relationship with the Lord. Take
 the initial step and receive His free gift
 which will transform your life!

 More Than Forgiven

 It is extremely important to note that
 knowing Jesus is not just saying a prayer
 so you can go to heaven someday. In
 reality, eternal life begins the day you
 become a new creature in Christ!

 Although accepting Jesus into your heart
 and receiving forgiveness for your sins is a
 glorious event in which angels in heaven
 rejoice, the fact of the matter is, it is only
 one facet of what Jesus accomplished when
 He died on the cross at Calvary. Many
 believers in Christ have stopped there, but
 there is much more!

 Isn't it just like God to give us even more
 than just the forgiveness of sins! He wants
 us to know Him, walk with Him, and hear
 His sweet voice. He wants us to experience
 His rest, receive His peace, love, and joy,
 and realize our destiny in Him.

 A New Spiritual Identity

 Christians who understand only that they
 are forgiven mistakingly see themselves as
 forgiven sinners on their way to heaven.
 Not understanding that Jesus has already
 changed their identity from sinner to saint
 (holy one) leads them to the mistaken
 belief that they will be changed into holy
 people at their physical death.

 The truth is, as new creations in Christ,
 we've already been changed into holy
 people (saints) and are clothed with the
 righteousness of Christ. Because of His
 death and resurrection, we're already
 "qualified" to live with God. If we were not,
 God's Holy Spirit could not dwell within us

 Although our body will indeed be changed
 in the future (I Corinthians 14:42-44), you
 and I will not be changed from a sinner to
 saint at our physical death, because God
 has already accomplished this through
 Christ. Nor are you a sinner any longer, but
 rather, a saint who has the capability to
 sin but longs to overcome sin by the power
 of the Holy Spirit.

 Christ Is Our Life

 In addition to His deep desire for fellowship
 with you, there is a second glorious reason
 why Christ indwells you via His Spirit: to
 express His life through you. You presently
 trust Him to take you to a future heaven,
 but do you use that same identical faith to
 trust Him to face each day through you?

 As a new creature in Christ, you have
 received new life - Christ as life - to
 replace your former life. When you came
 to Jesus, He exchanged His powerful,
 obedient life, for your old rebellious,
 independent, self-serving life. You now
 have a spirit that is alive and righteous.
 The Spirit of Christ who indwells your spirit
 is now your life!

 Remember, Jesus is the Vine, and we are
 the branches. Branches "live and move and
 have their being" by the life of the vine.
 They have no independent life. So long as
 branches abide in (draw their life from) the
 vine, they experience a fruitful existence.
 Branches never produce fruit; branches
 bear the fruit that is produced by the life
 of the vine through them. Jesus said that
 without His life flowing through us, we can
 do nothing."


 Whereas Jesus' blood was shed to change
 our guilt to forgiveness, Jesus' body was
 sacrificed to change our identity from sinner
 to saint. As a saint, you can rest in your
 total, unconditional acceptance by God.

 Are you enjoying the earthly benefit from
 the accomplishments of Jesus' blood for
 your forgiveness, Jesus' body for your
 indentity change, and Jesus' Spirit as your
 life to give you victory over the world,
 your flesh, and the devil? God wishes that
 you would!

 Excerps from this Tree of Life teaching were taken from
 What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity copyright© 1998
 by Bill Gillham and published by Harvest House Publishers.

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Tree of Life

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