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What Is CyberCash?
CyberCash is an electronic payment system for processing transactions electronically. Each transaction is automatically and securely encrypted, without storing credit card information to assure the safety and privacy of Internet customers.

CyberCash works with all popular Internet browsers, hardware, software, servers, communication protocols, and Web store applications.

  • Functions as a front-end to "existing" infrastructures
    CyberCash works with both the existing payment processing/banking networks and with merchant back-office systems.

  • Payment ease and convenience
    CyberCash Wallet works with any browser and can be used with almost all credit cards any time of the day.

  • Automated service/24 hours a day - 7 days a week
    This can reduce overhead costs and makes smaller transactions cost effective for a merchant.

  • Payment spontaneity
    Allows consumers to buy whenever they want without having to pre-establish an account or relationship with the merchant.

  • Payment security
    Industrial-strength security combines DES private key and RSA public key technologies.

  • Provides a fully integrated electronic commerce (E-Commerce) solution when combined with VeriSign, Mercantec's SoftCart, and the Christ-Centered Mall SM

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