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What Is VeriSign?

VeriSign, Inc. is the leading provider of digital authentication services and products for electronic commerce and other forms of secure communications. VeriSign's goal is to provide consumers, merchants and corporations with the confidence necessary to conduct electronic commerce worldwide.

What is a Digital ID?

VeriSign's provides Digital IDs (also known as digital certificates) play a key role in establishing confidence that electronic transactions are secure and trusted. A Digital ID binds a person's or company's identity to a digital key which can be used to conduct secure communications or transactions.

This binding is accomplished through a strict assurance process conducted by a trusted third party which also electronically signs the Digital ID so that parties accepting it in a transaction have confidence in its origin. The Digital ID can then be attached to electronic transactions and communications as the critical authentication component.

As the fundamental shift to electronic commerce accelerates, Digital IDs and other types of digital certificates will play a vital role in authenticating and securing electronic transactions and communications.

Server Digital IDs allow web sites to identify themselves, and enable secure communications with customers. In fact, a server Digital ID is necessary to establish SSL connections, the technical backbone of secure electronic commerce.

The Key Step Is Getting Your Digital ID

VeriSign issues Digital IDs for Christ-Centered Mall's Apache SSL secure servers. These Digital IDs are used to provide trust in the server's public key. The public key is instrumental in providing the secure link between 'client and server' which is necessary for exchanging credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

For your secure web site servers, Christ-Centered Mall and VeriSign will provide you a 'high-assurance' Class 3 Digital ID for electronic commerce servers. Requirements are strict and exact:
  • A type-written letter on company letterhead showing proof of your right-to-use the requested business name and signed by an authorized company representative.
  • Articles of Incorporation or other registered company documents such as an Occupational Business License, Fictitious Name Form, or Dunn-Bradstreet Number.
Provides a fully integrated electronic commerce (E-Commerce) solution when combined with CyberCash, Mercantec's SoftCart, and Christ-Centered Mall.

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