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Each time a Web server sends a file to a browser, a "hit" is recorded in the server file logs.

Home Page
The first or main page of a site on the World Wide Web, often leading to other pages. Home page and Storefront are terms often used interchangeably.

A feature of most World Wide Web browsing software that lets you save the address of your favorite World Wide Web sites.

Hypertext Markup Language is a special programming language used to make information compatible with the World Wide Web.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol allows people to navigate among documents or pages linked by hypertext and to download pages from the World Wide Web. "http://" precedes every web site address.

The highlighted words on World Wide Web pages that enable you to jump from one page to another without typing commands.

A dynamic global network of computer networks which allows people to send E-Mail messages, participate in discussion groups, and access information without a central authority. The term is often used to describe the total body of interconnected computer networks.

Internet Protocol (IP)
A set of rules and standards which allow an internet transmission to traverse a variable course on the way to its destination. It is one of the early technologies created by the internet's developers.

A private network within an organization or company that may allow its users to connect to the internet but limits access from the internet, such as a college, university, or a private company.

IP Address
A unique Internet Protocol Address is assigned to each specific computer which is connected to the internet.

Integrated Services Digital Network. A high-speed communications system that allows computers to connect to the internet and to send and receive data in digital form over telephone lines using a device called a terminal adapter. Basically, it is a regular copper wire telephone line that has been tweaked to transmit voice or data using digital signals instead of analog by using a device called a terminal adapter instead of a modem. ISDN transmission is about ten times faster than regular analog service via a modem; however, ISDN is not available in all areas and where available, it is more costly.

Internet Service Provider. A company that maintains a constant connection to the internet and sells internet access to individuals and/or businesses. Also called an Internet Access Provider, Access Provider, or Access Service Provider.

An object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that allows people to build interactive web sites. Based on C++, Java is smaller, more portable, and easier to use than C++ because it is more detailed and it manages memory on its own. Java was designed to run on any platform which makes it a useful language for programming Web applications, since users access the Web from many types of computers.

A person who understands the finer details of computer networking.

Java-Compliant Browser
A Web browser with support for the Java programming language built into it. Most current Web browsers are Java-compliant.

A scripting language developed by Netscape and Sun Microsystems that is loosely related to Java. JavaScript code can be embedded in a Web page along with HTML code and is easier to write than Java, especially for novice programmers. JavaScript, however, is not a true programming language and has limited functionality in comparison with Java. A JavaScript-compliant Web browser, such as Netscape, is necessary to run JavaScript code.

A joystick is usually used as a relative pointing device, moving an object on the screen when the stem is moved and stopping the movement when the stem is released. Mainly used for computer games.

(Joint Photographic Experts Group) A graphic stored as a file in the JPEG format, an ISO/ITU standard for storing images in compressed form using a discrete cosine transform.

A small plug or wire that can be connected between different points in an electronic circuit in order to alter an aspect of a hardware configuration.

Your modem's speed is measured in the number of bits it can transfer in a second. Modems rated in kilobits per second are now the standard.

A protocol used for transferring files over a dial-up connection that is commonly used on BBS systems.

A person you correspond with that uses a KEYboard to type e-mail messages instead of say, a pen, to write handwritten letters. Usually these e-mail messages are written back and forth between two or more people with some kind of regularity. A pen pal in cyberspace. If you correspond with someone frequently or on a regular basis it could be said that the two of you are "key pals".

Words that may be used by viewers searching for information. Keywords can be purchased from search engine companies so that an appropriate ad banner may be displayed when a viewer searches on a particular word.

A person who understands the finer details of computer networking.

An artificially intelligent computer program that automates the search for animation.

Chat room lingo for 'Kiss On Cheek'.

Chat room lingo for 'Kiss On Lips'.

Chat room lingo for 'Know What I Mean'.

Chat room lingo for 'Keep Your Pants On'.

(Local Area Network) Usually a group of PC's, Other Computers & peripheral devices linked together where each device is located in close proximity to all the other devices. LANs typically consist of a number of PC's, shared printers, shared directories and files.

A hypertext code that allows people to move from one document to another by using the mouse to move the curser to the link, and clicking the mouse button.

(see mailing list below).

A term used to describe the practice of simply viewing messages being exchanged between others on a newsgroup, chat room, or mailing list before posting a message.

Laughing Out Loud - abbreviation used in E-mails or in chat rooms.

To read messages in a newsgroup or chat area without ever posting or replying yourself.

Mail Bomb
An e-mail message sent with the intent to crash the recipients mailserver or mailreader. Mail bombing is a form of electronic harrassment and can on many systems result in the cancellation of the bomber's account.

Mail Filter
A program that allows you to sort e-mail according to information in the header.

Mailing List
One e-mail address made up of several different e-mail addresses; they are similar to newsgroups. Mailing lists allow people to discuss common interests by posting messages which are received by everyone in the group. Unlike newsgroups, people must subscribe to a mailing list to post and receive messages. Also called a Listserv.

A region on a page that displays a horizontally scrolling text message.

Chips holding all the information your PC needs to use. There are two kinds of memory, RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Media).

A list presented to you, the user, with options letting you perform specific tasks.

In Windows, the bar across the top which contains headings, each with a pull-down menu.

Menu Driven
Programs where you use a menu to complete tasks.

Merchant Account
A "bank account" established with a payment processor for the settlement of credit card transactions. Any merchant who wants to take credit card orders must establish a merchant account. Internet merchants need a "Card Not Present Merchant Account."

A device that allows a computer to connect and communicate over telephone lines with another computer which is also connected to a modem. This is how most people connect to the internet. The modem converts computer machine language so it can be transmitted over ordinary telephone lines or vice versa.

Refers to a device which allows the computer operator to move a cursor on the computer screen to a specific location on the screen, and by pushing a button (called "click") the computer will perform the desired function. For example, if one wants to print a document, the operator would simply move the cursor to the Print icon to begin the printing process.

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