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Terms and Definitions N-S

A term used to describe internet etiquette; basically an attempt by serious fans to set rules for online conversations.

A group of computers linked together by a common communications protocol.

One of the more than thousands of discussion groups on the internet where people with similar interests can post messages. Also called Usenet groups.

Off-Line Order Processing
Capture of order and credit card information for later authorization and transaction processing through a traditional card swipe terminal or through a computer.

On Line
Technically, on line describes one's computer being connected to other computers. Regarding the internet, on line means one is connected to the internet.

On Line Service
Serices such as America Online, Compuserve, the Microsoft Network, and Prodigy that provide their members specific services. Originally these on line services provided E-Mail, discussion groups, and proprietary information. Many confuse these services as the internet.

Order Confirmation
An email message notifying a customer that an order has been received and will be processed.

Order Management System
A system that accepts orders and initiates a process that results in the outbound shipment of a finished good.

A set of technical rules and standards for computer communication. Without protocols, computer networks could not exist since computers would not communicate with each other in an intelligible manner.

Real Time Credit Card Processing
On-line authorization of a credit card number in real time informing the merchant that the card has been approved. Currently CyberCash is the leading electronic payment system for processing transactions electronically.

Search Engines
World Wide Web sites that allow users to search for specific web sites by typing key words or phrases. Popular search sites include Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, WebCrawler, HotBot, and many others. Some of these search sites are simply web directories. Web directories only include in their search those sites which have been listed in their directory. Others are called search engines, which include those web sites which someone registers with the search site and other web sites which the search engine finds on the web as a part of its own robot searching software.

Secured Server
A server using software that protects the privacy of electronic transactions conducted on the internet. Currently, VeriSign is the leader in secure server certificate technology.

A computer on the internet so called because it serves up files and information to internet users (also called clients). Most people dial into by modem or over a network to connect to a server which provides access to the internet. Christ-Centered Mall is located on a server and is available to everyone on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once the goods have been shipped to the customer, the merchant can key a transaction for settlement at which time the customer's credit card is charged for the transaction and the proceeds are deposited into the merchant account.

Secure Socket Layer is an encryption technology on the server that scrambles important data such as credit card numbers and order information when it is being stored or passed from one computer to another.

Shipping Confirmation
An email message that notifies a customer that an order has been shipped.

Shopping Cart
A software program which maintains information about the customer during a shopping trip to produce a seamless shopping experience. Creates an "on-line shopping cart" that adds items, tracks sales tax, and calculates shipping charges. Mercantec is one of the leading software companies providing shopping cart technology.

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