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James Christensen Spotlight

James Christensen is an artist best known for painting imaginative art which brings out the child in all of us.

 The Listener

This new image entitled The Listener depicts a young man who has found tranquility by closing his eyes and shutting his ears to the noisy world around him.

View this image and the rest of Jim Christensen's art portfolio including etchings and sculpture in our James Christensen slideshow.

James Christensen

James Christensen fantasy art prints and canvases for sale

James Christensen

James Christensen

Introduction to James Christensen

James Christensen, the creator of a "Land a Little Left of Reality," fills his fantasy paintings with wonderful people, places, and things as real as your adult dreams and as beloved as your fondest childhood memories.

Newspaper You can view a detailed biography of James Christensen on our website.

Currently, James' best-selling art print is Cecilia. View this image and more in our James Christensen slideshow.


We currently have several rare etchings available which were hand-colored by James Christensen. Please call for pricing.

James Christensen Art Print Titles

A Christensen CharacterPrice
A Lawyer Adequately AttiredPrice
A Man and His DogPrice
A Place of Her OwnPrice
After Clouds, SunPrice
All That She HadPrice
All the World's a StagePrice
Angel UnawarePrice
Angel Unobserved New ReleasePrice
Angel with EpauletPrice
Angels of My VillagePrice
Annunciation, ThePrice
Balancing ActPrice
Bassoonist, ThePrice
Beggar Princess & the Magic RosePrice
Blind Leading the Blind, ThePrice
Bride, The Don't MissPrice
Burden of the Responsible Man, ThePrice
Candleman, ThePrice
Cecilia Best SellerPrice
Christensen Character, APrice
College of Magical KnowledgePrice
Court of the FaeriesPrice
Enoch Altarpiece, ThePrice
Even Wobbling, Wendall Had a DilemmaPrice
Evening AngelsPrice
Faery TalesPrice
Faith, Hope, and CharityPrice
False MagicPrice
Fantasies of the SeaPrice
Finding FishPrice
Finding Your FishPrice
First RosePrice
Flight of the FablemakerPrice
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 James Christensen

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James Christensen

James Christensen art prints and canvases by fantasy artist James C. Christensen can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.