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The Grateful Leper

Robert Doares art print: The Grateful Leper

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The Grateful Leper by Robert Doares is one of the 54 drawings and paintings that make up the Immanuel series, his extraordinary collection depicting the life of Christ. He began work on his drawings in the 1960's but set it aside until 1978. Why did he wait so long to get back to this project? In reflection, Mr. Doares realized his techniques had changed over the years, and perhaps it had been meant for him to have a period of change, growth, and God's direction before he began again. He says that it was his personal relationship with Jesus that led him to do this project -- it was like a moving of the Spirit, he felt drawn to it.

Mr. Doares' research for the Immanuel series led him to the Library of Congress, Greek dictionaries, archaeologists, and Israel. Whenever his sources conflicted with biblical narrative, the Bible was the authority he followed.

The Grateful Leper was drawn from Mr. Doares' perspective of Luke 17:11-19:

"When Jesus came to a small village, He was greeted by ten lepers. They called to Him from a distance, 'Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!' Jesus called back, 'Go and show yourselves to the priests!' As they started on their way, they were healed!' Nine of them continued on rejoicing, but one, a Samaritan, could not go on to the priests. He turned back and came directly to the greatest Priest of them all. John the faithful stands in awe next to Jesus. Judas, the self-satisfied ungrateful, looks down on the altogether grateful, and Jesus looks with compassionate grace upon the man who occupies the most hallowed ground on the face of the earth -- the ground at the feet of Jesus."

-- Robert Doares

This print was issued & released in 199*. Year of Issue

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This print comes in a cherry frame with a navy blue marble mat.
Framed Print Caption: Framed Print

"And Jesus answering said, 'Were there not ten cleansed? But where are the nine?"

-- Luke 17:17 KJV

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  Robert Doares

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