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Christian Website Questions and Answers

Christian website questions and answers also known as frequently asked questions or FAQs can be found at Christ-Centered Mall.

Questions and Answers

Man Answering Questions

Scripture Reference

"And when he came to his disciples, he
saw a great multitude about them, and
the scribes questioning with them."

-- Mark 9:14

Introduction to Questions and Answers

General Questions and Answers

Below are frequently asked questions which we receive in reference to our Christian ministry.

If you are looking for answers to specific Bible questions, please visit our frequently asked Bible questions page.


 Can I copy your teachings?

Yes, we encourage copying and printing our biblical teachings for personal or group Bible study; but we have two conditions.

First, we ask that the content of our Christian teachings (in whole or in part) not be used in any published material or displayed on any blog or website. Instead, you may link to our website so people can read our Bible teachings.

Second, we ask that you kindly remember to credit our website when you share our teachings with others. Please use the following wording: This Bible teaching
(in its entirety) was freely used with permission from Christ-Centered Mall (

To copy one of our biblical teachings, simply do the following: First, left click your computer mouse and highlight the desired text. Second, press and hold CONTROL C (hold down control while you press the letter c). Third, press and hold CONTROL V (hold down control while you press v) to paste the text into NotePad or WordPad.

Since our mission is to make disciples, our teachings must never be used for financial gain. For freely we have received, and freely we give.

-- David H. Boshart, Jr.  Pencil

 What is your denominational affiliation?

We seek to preach and teach biblical truths without denominational association. Our mission is to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 1:3), expose the apostasy which has crept into the Body of Christ, and speak out against ecumenism (also known as "interfaith pluralism" — an attempt to bring all churches under the control of a one-world religious system).

-- David H. Boshart, Jr.  Pencil

 What are your credentials?

According to biblical guidelines, we are qualified to teach and preach the Word of God. For more information, please read our ministry credentials page.

-- David H. Boshart, Jr.  Pencil

 Which Bible translation do you use?

Our website uses the King James Version exclusively. While we are not legalistic about using the KJV, it is the most widely received English translation since the Geneva Bible (which, by the way, was the 1560 Protestant Bible of the Reformation).

-- David H. Boshart, Jr.  Pencil

Have a Question?

If you have a question regarding our website which has not been answered here, please contact us.

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Christian Questions and Answers

Christian website questions and answers also known as frequently asked questions or FAQs can found on the Christ-Centered Mall general Question and Answer page.